Hmm, this tastes wonderful, do-nut! Ah!, Mark said licking the cream off his upper lip. Hi hi! See, I rest my case, I reacted gladly.

Ey Mark!, Why are you so quiet lately. I mean when I was talking to the customer earlier, why are you looking at me like you wanted to eat me or something?, I asked curiously.

Ah, its nothing. I just felt strange, like I felt pain in my heart when I saw you talking to that guy..ahhh! Im not familiar with feelings or thoughts, since I told you, that Im an an…, Mark wasn able to finish cause I did that for him. Angel!!! Yes. Can you prove to me that you are what you say you are?, I asked very curious now that he mentioned about his identity . I dropped the donut and looked at him straight in the eyes.

Okay, what about? Ah, okay, I can speak many languages in fact, all. Try me!, Mark added confidently.

Hai!, uh!, lets try the word love, I said shyly but I wanted to know if he is the real thing.

Love…Mark then one by one mentioned the word in all the languages he knew….

Ai, Japanese, Liebe in German, Amour in French, Amore in Italian, Milovat in Czech, Hubun in Arabic, Ngu e nong in Taiwanese, Salang in Korean, and so on and so forth…Mark said that there are 6,500 languages in the world and he can tell me the word love in all these languages. Oh my God! He really is the real deal, I said while my eyes are about to pop out of their sockets. Sugoi!! (Amazing!).

How I miss Vita, Shoju and Koku. They went to colleges in Tokyo and probably will be seeing them nest summer. I wonder if they will visit this fall?. I told Mark about my childhood friends and he was laughing hard when I mentioned the funny things we usually did back in elementary and high school. Before I forgot, we need to get ready for dinner later. So we need to head back home at about 3o minutes, I advised Mark while fixing the books on my counter and getting the money from the cashier area.

Mark was still quiet on our way back at the house. I wonder what happened to him. I continued asking myself. About dinner, Mark needs to wear something sharp for my relatives especially Kochiko will be there. And who knows what stunt shell be playing this time.

Mark on the other hand was in the shower at the garage. What is this Im feeling? I hated it when that guy talked with Belle. I never felt anything like this before. Is this what they call jealousy? Haa! It hurts so much I can breathe.

Belle, while putting on some make up, also was thinking about Marks silence. He was so happy with Mama earlier and then his mood changed when we were at the bookstore. Huh! What did I do, I wonder?. Hah, anyway, what can Mark wear for dinner. Let me check Papas suits in Mamas room and closet.

Mark looks handsome with the fitted long sleeves and pants. Then a black coat for the last minute touches. He looks like a superstar, hmm!, dreamy!, Mark now is A okay. Anyway, back to me, I wore a short fitted silver dress with 3 inches heels on. I fixed my hair and used iron curls to have a beautiful curly finish. Perfect, with a little bit of make-up and perfume, Im all done. Ojichan drove us all to the villa and I am somewhat excited and scared of what will happen next since Kochiko, my evil cousin will be coming over since its fall season.

At Villa Sun. Everything is perfect. It is not that huge but its enough for our family to have our get togethers that are always memorable. The villa stands with four storeys in white and gold paints. In the middle is a fountain with an angel statue spitting out water from his mouth, a life giving water for everyone who sees and loves it. There is a large pool on the left side and horse stables on the right. We only have a five of them that we care for if the visitors would love to ride them, aside from the electric and regular bikes we station up front for interested parties. We make sure there are trees and a flower garden with benches for foreigners to sit on. We also have a mini bar and café for those who want to unwind. Our villa has the best coffee and can be compared to Starbucks, which I wanted to try since its the most popular coffee brand in the Western countries.

Mark looked like a god. He is so handsome. Anyway, my uncles and aunties kept on telling me I looked different and in bloom. Hmm Yes, I am twenty three and ready to mingle. I am not the typical Japanese girl that lives in tradition and myths. However, I believe in Buddha and his philosophy. My family and ancestors have been Buddhists ever since I can remember. I am a fan of subjects on literature and anime manga, so reading is literally my life. Uh! Nani, sore !, one of my uncles asked me something. I also love K-pop music, so, everybody in the world does. And listening to BTS, Blink and others can really make your day hype. I usually listen to them in the afternoons when there are no customers around at the bookstore.

Going back to my relatives. Ojisan Taka is a typical man who believes in traditional Japan and would die to bring back the old and sophisticated country of ours, that is now plagued by foreign cultures, music and fads. Ano otoko wa daredesuka? Anata no boifurendo? (Whos is that guy, your boyfriend?), he added laughing teasingly. Huh! E to a, no!!! , I said no using my hands together with my head.

If he isn , can I have him, then? Kochiko, now standing in front of me, with her sexy fitting red dress with 5 inches heels. Hair curly and face looks like Wynona Ryder when she was just 17 years old. I love the movie Reality Bites, so bite me. My supermodel cousin, not yet, but now in a modelling school in Los Angeles California. Yes, its like slapping me how my miserable but simple life is none compared to her saucy lifestyle. Not to mention the attention she gets, since shes not starting to model in L.A., Paris and other western countries.

Kochiko speaks like an American now. She already got the hang of the westerners speaking, walking and living styles. Hello, Beru, or Bella??? she added smiling at me. Uh, Thanks,Ko…I smiled shyly and wondered how come shes so nice to me now. Maybe she changed and well, people do change.

Ah, well! If you like, you can have him. I just recently met him, so its not of a big deal, I added hiding my feelings, shy to admit I like my angel, ah, Mark is what I meant.

Hmm! But you can take your eyes off him, so, I figured, you and him have a thing!, Kochiko said teasing me. You know if you like him, go and tell him. I learned in the U.S. that if you like someone you need to assert and make the effort to let them know how you feel. At least if he doesn like you , then you
e just friends. At least you know, right. But if he does, like you, then, its a win-win situation. You know we haven been close ever since, but I am here if you need someone to talk to, besides, we
e cousins, Kochiko explained sincerely. Okay, I need to mingle with the Shinseki o kitta (hung up relatives) hehe!, she added walking towards my uncles and aunties at the right side of the ballroom. Well my family and relatives love danshingu (dancing), so no wonder why our villa has a ballroom for ”zumba ”, jujutsu, aikido, karate and kendo practices, special events. The place can be rented for concerts and important gatherings. Since Kyoto is farther, we needed to have a place to hold events for the city.

Tell Mark, how I feel. But what do I feel? And does he fell the same way for me? We just met a month ago and as if I still don know who he really is? I added thinking about the fact that he fell from heaven and I don know where he really came from too.

Every one is eating, some are dancing, others are chatting about the past and their families, experiences. Since we hold our family reunions once a year, we needed to catch up on the gossip and the happenings, right, haha!

I just needed some fresh air, so I went out the floor and walked to breathe the air in front of the villa.

Hi! Belle, a mans voice not very far, said. Ah!, oh, Mark. What are you doing here? I asked shyly. What are you doing, here???, He asked thoughtfully. Just wanted to be alone for a bit, how was the party, did you have fun. That is my whole family, pretty handful, hihi!, I said laughing.

Oh, them, I love your family. And every minute I stay here, I don want to leave, ever. But I can since I needed to do what my Master asked me to do, Mark added with sadness on his voice.

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