” Yes, miss Baker. Sit quickly and lets discuss ” Mr Obaro told May

” I will rather stand sir ” May refused.

” I said sit ” Mr Obaro yelled and hit his hand loudly on his table

May sat down quickly and lowered her head.

” Look at me. As much as I like you sitting opposite me acting like a cute kitten, I need your eyes focused on me okay ” Mr Obaro said to May

” Sure sir ” May answered quickly.

” I really don understand why you
e avoiding me, you don attend my lectures anymore, you hardly come to the university. What is happening? Thought you were away because I was pestering you. You very much know how many weeks it took to get you here in my office ” Mr Obaro asked May

” I don know what you are talking about sir. I have been absent due to personal reasons and because I was sick ” May said confidently.

” Right, should we drive to a pharmacy together? ” Mr Obaro smiled as he asked her

” No sir, I am on medications so no need. Thanks sir, I need to run along ” May said impatiently as she stood up moving the seat backwards then walked quickly to the door, turned the door knob just to find out it was locked and if didn really matter if it was locked from outside or inside. She turned back to see Mr Obaro smiling and his back relaxed on his chair, no wonder he didn try to stop her, he knew she couldn leave yet at least until he said so, thats what she thought. That hit her bottom line and she was really pissed.

” What is the meaning of this sir? I don understand you. Why is the door locked? ” May said angrily.

” Well May, what do you think? So that we can have a quiet festival in peace ” He said in a sacrastically tone.

” Of course not… You
e so….

” Cool it off. Don start with curses because I don think they work on me anymore and yelling won do you so much good either so have this talk with me till I feel a need for you to leave hmm ” Mr Obaro interrupted her.

” No. I want to leave here. Im not comfortable here. Its either we leave here or we are having no conversation ” May decided

” Thats brave May. But Im not quite sure if bravery is needed in this situation…

” And Im not sure if sitting down here is the best for me… ”May retorted

” Sure. As you wish. Lets go to an eatery down the road. ” Mr Obaro agreed since he saw that she wasn willing to have a conversation with him in his office. He was glad she didn want to leave at least so he stood up immediately

” After you sir ” May said then Mr Obaro unlocked the door and walked out while May did the same. They both got into Mr Obaro SUV car and left for the eatery.


Mrs Baker hadn been finding it coping with her banking job and her 9 weeks old pregnancy. Her nausea had become even worse than the ones she experienced while carrying her other children, her dizziness even during work was heavy sometimes she would fall asleep during work hours, she could only be grateful that her colleagues were considerate else she wouldve behold her sack letter by now. Her favourite food, Potatoes and eggs now seemed to cause her to retch- she would prefer eating a bitter-sweet food else she would vomit everything she had eaten til the last drop and become so weak thereafter. She was just glad she didn feel like spitting saliva every now and then else it wouldve been the worst of it all.

She however sometimes pitied her husband who was at her beck and call just like those other times, she was pregnant. She would wake him up by 2am to prepare her rice and stew or some other kind of food most times since she had bad appetite and the end of it all might be she didn eat the food he had prepared. Sometimes she would yell at him especially when it came to decisions concerning their daughters and he would just let it go or excuse himself then she would feel very bad for hurting him but what could she do….. NOTHING. It just kept happening.

She had told her husband last night that they were to go to the hospital for her ultrasound and check up. They both went to the hospital and met with their Doctor, Doctor Lilian who directed them to a ward and began the ultrasound. Mr and Mrs Baker saw their baby then the doctor told them the baby was growing at the right rate, says the baby heartbeat is strong. While Mrs Baker was being emotional in her own world, she turned suddenly to look at her husband who wiped the lone tears from his eyes.

The doctor then reassured them that the baby was fine and then advised Mrs Baker to continue taking her vitamins, eat healthily, drink plenty of water before he handed them photographs of their baby. Mrs Baker was smiling heavily, looking at the photographs of their baby as they sat inside their car then a few minutes later, she began crying. Mr Baker began consoling her but she rejected it saying that she wanted to cry some more. Mr Baker shook his head and sighed almost immediately then drove the car to a distance when Mrs Baker said her husband was being unfair and also accused him of bring unable to console his wife and she wanted to get a taxi to take her home because he no longer cared about her anymore.

Mr Baker managed to convince her to come into the car again as she dropped from the.. car before then she looked into the mirror she brought from her bag and said her husband liked seeing her eyes puffy, her looking tired but Mr Baker ignored her and just drove to their home. Each time Mrs Baker asks him a question, he just says ” darling let me concentrate on driving so you would have your beauty sleep soon okay and we can talk about this later ”. Each time he expects a different answer, she just smiles and says her husband loves her so much while Mr Baker would look dumbfounded.

@Tasty Meal Eatery

” So Mr Obaro, I really don know what you want. So can we just get to the briefs as soon as possible sir ” May talked first as they sat on a round table.

” Sure May. Lets get something to drink ” Mr Obaro said and ordered orange juice for himself while May refused to make an order. ” I really like you May. And I want to be with you. At this moment, I could threaten you with your grades or studies but I don want to except you give me a reason to ” He continued.

” You
e threatening me already sir. I am not interested in any relationship at this moment. And even if I do agree, to what end is all of this. Good grades?? You very much know sir that every student can pass their exams without having a relationship with their lecturer. ” May retorted angrily but quickly lowered her voice.

” I see you have made your decision May. You would rather fail your exams, you know how important passing my course is….

” Yes I very much remember its a 5 unit course but its all good. I appreciate it sir ” May said politely.

” Very well May. I will see you again ” Mr Obaro said and left the eatery after settling the bill, leaving May to find her way back herself. May was glad that she didn need to spend the next twenty minutes with that disgusting old man…. He wasn that old of a man but as long as he was almost her fathers age, he was an old man. Soon she left for home quickly.

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