I don know when to start this, hm, perhaps in the very moment they arrived.

*Attention – travelers 28, 29 and 30 arriving*

-Oh, theres more coming.

3 people appeared out of thin air, in a platform circular, with weird symbols written on it

An old lady, about 50 years old, came to the 3 people and said.

-hello, children. Welcome to the abyss. I know all of you must be very confused right know, so Ill keep it short, this world is in danger so it summons warriors from another world to help and save it. This world will return all summoned warriors to your original world safely. To more questions please ask your book.

The girl with the number 29 on her chest asked the old lady

-maam what book are you referring to?

-ah I forgot to introduce you to your guide book, please raise the palm of your hand upwards and imagine a book appearing.

All 3 did this gesture and a blue and gold book appeared in the air and started to levitate on top of the hand used to summon it.

-Any more question please ask your guide. I bid you farewell, may the God of Magic watch over your journey.

The old lady wanted gently and walked away.

The man with the number 30 on his chest said

-She left without explaining a lot, how we were summoned, whats with the numbers, whats the objective, i supposed we need to ask the flying book.

The women with the number 29 replied

-Im still not sure how to ”speak ” to the book or how to ask the- where is the other guy?

The man with number 30 asked

-I saw him walking away as soon the grandma left

Away from that place the person with the number 28 on his chest was leisuring walking around, admiring the view, the city was old in a style that resemble the victorian era.

its so wierd,i can feel the pressure in the air, as if there was 2 types of oxygen

The person with the number 28 twisted his right hand upwards and summoned his book And asked.

Im supposed to ask my questions to this book, so here I go

-Guide, why I feel 2 types of air?

[Greetings traveler 28]

its talking in my head.

[There is to types of attributes in the zone you call air]

2 attributes?

[1st – is oxygen, the element that you breath and supply your body with energy, is essential for your life.]

Normal air, i guess

[2nd – Is Mana, the element responsible, to carry the commands to make the reaction called Magic]

-Magic? There is magic in this world?

[Yes, in fact the knowledge of creation, manipulation and destruction of all magic spells were created by the God of Magic]

-Theres even gods in this world?

[5 Gods to be precisely, the God of Lightning and thunder, God of life, God of battle, God of darkness and God of Magic]

unbelievable, theres event Gods here

[In fact even i was created by the God of Magic to help and guide the travelers]

-I see how are you supposed to help us?

[The God of Magic created something he called roles, to better introduce the new warriors into magic, inside me you can choose 4 roles, and each one of them has its own leveling system. Upon finishing one you can choose to especialize in one role or learn a different one]

hold on this big just said some very important stuff

-how many levels there are and what roles i can choose?

[There is 4 roles with 6 levels available]

-What are the roles?

[The roles are: Tank, assassin, Healer and swordsman]

very basic in MMORPG, is this God of Magic someone from earth too?

-Can you explain each one individuality?

[Tank – has 8 exclusive spells, use a shield and metal bar as weapon]

Metal bar, why a bar?

[Assassin – has 6 exclusive spells, use dual daggers as mais weapon]

pretty standart

[Healer – has 12 exclusive spells use a wand as main weapon]

also pretty normal

[Swordsman – has 3 exclusive spells use a straight sword as a main weapon]

only 3 spells?

[Upon choosing any role your gain 5 adtional spells]

-Adtional? What are the 5?

[1st – Haste: You gain a 20% movement speed for 10 minutes.

2nd – Brialin: you regeneration speed increase 10% for 2 minutes.

3rd – Katara: increase the strength of any spells 15% for 5 minutes

4th – Argor: deflection spell

5th – Homesick: youll teleport back to the center in of the first city]

hose are very useful, everyone has them

-Very handy, how do I choose a role

[Would you like to choose a role? Please name the role you wishe to have:]

oh the book gives you the role?

-I wanna be a healer.

[Traveler 28 has chosen: Healer as starting role, would you like to confirm it?

Warning – upon selecting a role you can only change after finishing the starter leveling, would you like to proceed?]


[Traveler 28 selected healer as a role, selections remaining 0/30] main mission is gonna be issued in 7 days, please find your party members within this time]

As soon the message ended, number 28 felt as if a large amount of information entered his head at once

-argh what Is going on

As he feel to the ground with his hands pressuring his head as he cry in pain, he realizes it stopped hurting, if fact the pain didn even last a minute.

What was that, it hurts a lot

The book was still flying in his hand it was in a page with this information

(Traveler – 28, name: Unknown, age: 26 role – Healer..)

The man took the book out of the air and said

-What is this, a profile?

[Correct! Its for you to be able to know all your spells and limitations, as well as descriptions for each spell]

He then continued to read

(Role – Healer, specialization: ?

List of spells: Haste, Brialin, Katara, Argor, Homesick,heal, reinforce,conteiri,argoni-eter,wind bullet,stone bullet, fire ball, water bullet, water wall, wind wall, Brutus, feather fall]

wow, i have a lot of spells

*Warning – all roles have been selected, all travelers please move to the center of the city*

The warning then started to go on repeat

Am i supposed to know where is the center of this city?

-Guide, where is the center of the city?

[The spell homesick will teleport you to the center of your first city, in this case, this one]

hm it already wants me to use a spell

-Can i walk over there?

[Understood – Deploying field guide]


A small green ball of light start to fly on top of the book

[Please follow me]

The voice was smaller and more female, but it was still talking in his head

-Ok, its impressive how you can even change form.

[My creator, the God of Magic, did make me to be a perfect guide, i can do many things]

-A God is a God i guess.

They talk very little after this, as the field guide took number 28 to the center of the city.

From a far away distance 28 could hear

-..and so anyone who wants to be carried trough this, feel free to join my team..and well finish this game very quickly!

The man with a number 1 on his chest was giving a speech very loudly.

[You have arrived at: Center of Marloryn Star City]

mar- what? Is that the name of the city?

-this **er is talking like he owns the place

28 looked to his side, there was a total man with a grumpy expression on his face, he had very little hair in his head, but the little he had was extremely dark, as if he just had painted it.

-who is that guy?

Number 28 asked the grumpy man

-he said he is a pro gamer of idk what game, talking big as if this place is a game and other bullshits.

Number 28 looked at the grumpy mans chest, there was a number there too, it was 12.

Out of nowhere a female voice could also be heard

-My name is Adaline, Im a tank, Im also quite experienced with RPGs, who ever wants to team up, please contact me.

There were people who easily absorbed the situation they were in and started to work in a way to deal with, but also..

-Another one speaking bullshit, what do they thing this is? A game?

Number 12 was quite angry at this whole situation

*Attention – a team of 05 is required to enter the main quest, please choose you pay members in: 7 days*

This message apeared in the middle sky above the center of the city



-what five?

-Whats with this limitations?

28 could hear a lot of people complaining of the number limit, most of them did not care, but some were quite upset.

About two minutes after the message in the sky appeared, trumpets could be heard, and knights started to walk in, the crowd opened a path for the knights pass by, there were only 04 knights 2 males and 2 females

Followed by a man wearing a big red cape and a crown, right behind him, there was a jester dressed in dark blue and gold, wearing a white smiling mask, and by his side a very beautiful woman with golden hair and a white dress, that looked to be glowing and sparkling.

The jester snaped his fingers and a golden platform appeared in the middle of the city, and the man with the red cape continued to walk as the plataform formed itself in front of him.

With each step the plataform created shape until it stopped.

The jester snaped shis fingers again, and a faint blue glow appeared on the mans neck as he started to speak, calmly.

-Greetings, travelers, welcome to the abyss!

His voice was calm but very clear as if he had speakers and a mic, even tho there wasn .

-Im the king of the abyss, Mionar Alaver.

There was silence all the time, no one dared to speak as the king spoke.

-I know most, if not all are very tense, perhaps even scared, and I apologize for this. I want everyone to know that this summoning is made by this planet itself, we, the citizens have no control of the planets mind, were are its children, and only live in its grace. Please, referrer from violence against peacefully citizens, as it will not be tolerated. We are here to help you in achieve the mission that out world has bestowed upon all of you. May the God of Magic watch over you all.

As the king turned around, a man with short black hair, wearing googles, asked him.

-Your highness, may i speak?

The king turned around and replied

-Yes child, you may.

The man speaking to the king had a number on his chest, it was 20.

-Can we return to our world?

-Yes you all will return to your world once the world is free from this threat.

-I don want to do this your highness, i wanna go back home.

The woman by his side came to the king as asked in a low voice.

-Father, may i speak for a moment.

-My daughter wish to speak to you, would you like to speak to her?

-I don thing is necessary

-Please, hear me, oh valiant traveler, i know your mind is unease, but please endure, for your worth is immesurable, i assure you, there will be a beffiting reward, and great honor in your name. Please, we need you.

With a very tender and silk voice, the princess finished her speech, as she lowered her head in respect.

The king followed her speech.

-As my daughter just said, we assure you all, that there will be a very good reward, and great honour, after all, we need you, travelers.

The jester snaped his fingers again, and the plataform started to disappear in a white gold light, the king started to become more and more faint, and waved.

The jester looked at crowd and pointed to the sky as gold letters appeared Wich read.

-Good Luck-

As the jester blew up in a golden and flashy light, that made, a surprisingly heavy sound, as if a big and heavy metal piece fell into another.

For a few seconds there was silence in the central area, in the silence, there was many different thoughts, some of admiration, some of fear and some of anger. Still number 28 was..

holy shit, she was so pretty, and what was that? King? And the plataform just disappear.

He was very excited

-Alright, the princess was cute. Ill give her that.

The grumpy mas was no longer grumpy.

-I love her dress

what did he just said?

-i would probably be fabulous in that dress too

The grumpy man started to walk away.


Someone placed a hand on number 28 shoulder

-Do you have a party yet? Iam a Tank, lets play up!

-Hey Neil, don go around recruiting people without asking me.

A women with long red hair approached the man who still had his hand on 28s shoulder. And pulled him backwards.

-Forgive my friend, he is a bit energetic.

She smiled as she locked the guys neck below her right arm.

-He didn introduce himself stuff, right? Im Laura, and this idiot here is Samuel, you can call him Sam.

Sam replied in a squished voice and red face, as she was strangling him


Number 28 replied

-Hello, Im Zack. Pleasured to meet you.

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