Song of Supremacy

Chapter 1: Falling in Abyss

ther name. even if i know i probably can obtain anything from that option. I only remember some important guys from history books and all of them should be very powerful. Lets choose a random guy. I like the number 9999. Lets choose that.

[Ding! You chose option 9999 ”Alan Draft ”. Now you will receive all experience of selected soul.]

In a mere second, Lex went in another world. Some kind of world without any superpower with only mortal and only intellect race were human. A world called ”Earth ”. Lex was born in a rich family. His name in this life was Alan Draft. He grown up until age of 13. At this age, His family discovered He has Blood Cancer.

Doctors said that he can live past age of 15 but he was determined to live. He wanted to live a good and healthy life, but to do that, he needed to survive from that damn Sickness. So, he tolerated everything. He resisted pain of Chemotherapy and other kind of treatment that he went through to cure his cancer. Everyday he reminded myself that he need to stay alive. Because of his parents. Because of his little sister. Because of his dreams. So because of all his resistance, he made impossible, possible and he stayed alive until age of 30.

In that 30 years, He couldn go out of hospital room and his only entertainment was watching movies and anime and reading comics and novels. After 30 years of fight against cancer, He died. And He came back to his body in the system space that he was in after system installation.

[Ding! You successfully obtained experiences of ”Alan Draft ”.]

[You obtained Common Skill ”Pain Resistance Level 6 ”.]

[Because of Alan Drafts mental power, you obtained 5 ”Mental Power ” Point.]

[Now you can see your ”Status Window ”]

[Status Window]

Name: Lex Von Desanders

Age: 19

Race: Half Dragon | Half Phoenix

Bloodline: Shadow Dragon (Rare) (Unawakened) | Azure Phoenix (Legendary) (Unawakened)

Occupation: Prince of The Desanders Empir —> None

Cultivation: Zero Ring (Mortal)

Class: None

Level: 3


Health: 5/5

Mana: 7/7

Mental Power: 8 —>13

Strength: 6

Agility: 4

Defense: 4

Stamina: 5/5

Free Stat Point(s): 3

Shop Currency: 3

Skill(s): (Pain Resistance (Common) Level 6)

[Familiar yourself with memories that you obtained from ”Alan Draft ”. After that check your status window and after familiarizing yourself with it, Choose Exit Option and exit system domain and go back to Abyss.]

Hmm, Just like games that i (Alan) played. Level 3? well, I didn cultivate because my bloodline wasn awakened. Cultivating before awakening bloodline can make thing complicated if the bloodline you will awaken in future is in contrast with your cultivation method. Well, how can i level up? only with Cultivation?

[You can Level Up by killing other beings, Cultivation and Eating special pills or treasure.]

Okay. That was easy. Now should i use free stat points? Hmm. Lets save that for later. It can play an important role later. lets check Shop.

[You don have access to shop. You need to reach First Ring to access to Shop Section.]



[Going back to reality in 10 seconds]





Shit. Shit. Shit.



Well. Stop it Please. I Beg you. Im not ready.



Shiiiiiiiiiiit. Im Sorry man. Stop it.






[You are going back to Abyss. Please be careful. Good luck]

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