Song of Supremacy

Chapter 3: Awakening Bloodline

Thats why i don like intellect systems. Oh, How i know about this kind of system? its because of Alans memories. He was an Otaku in his life. So he read so many Web Novels and know about these kind of thi…

SHIT. What was that? SHIT SHIT SHIT. Its painful

Lex looked around but he couldn see anything. The only thing he could sense was, ground. But ground was somewhat different. It wasn as hard as he remember it was like a living being. Suddenly, he sensed pain in his left arm. something bite him.

[You have been poisoned by First Ring Monster ”Red Snake ”.]

SHIT. Snake? Ah. Im unlucky as ever.

He was loosing his focus. He was loosing his Consciousness. He was going to sleep. He had a feeling that he got after being injected anesthesia in his life as Alan. He wanted to sleep. He was going to sleep.

NOO. I can sleep. I will die if i do that. Ah. What kind of Headache is this?

[You have been Poisoned by First Ring Monster ”Red Snake ”]

[You have been poisoned by First Ring Monster ”Cobra ”]

Shit. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Its painful. Painfuuuuuul.

Time went as fast as wind and as slow as turtle. he didn know how much time has passed. he only knew two things. He shouldn sleep, if he do, he can wake up ever again. He knew he shouldn move too. If he move, more snakes will become beware of him and will poison him. there may be even an snake that can eat it him easily. so he shouldn move.

Seconds passed. Seconds became minutes and minutes became hours. maybe even hours became days. He didn know. He forget time. He wasn aware of his surrounding, until he heard a familiar and mechanical voice.

[Ding. Because of your resistance against pain you obtained 1 ”Mind Power ” Point and 1 ”Stamina ” Point.]

He couldn think of anything but he could sense one thing. He became a little more comfortable. He could sense it, but it wasn that much. Time passed. Just like before, he didn move, din think, sometimes he did even breath. until he heard that familiar mechanical voice again.

[Ding. You obtained 1 ”Stamina ” Point.]

Tolerating these painful feeling became easier again. It was like, his body was harmonizing with the poison in it. He could sense that poison within his body became weaker than before. At least part of it. But he didn dare to do anything. He just continued with the thing that he was doing from before. Waiting and Tolerating without moving and making a sound. Time flowed. He lost his sense of time. Maybe even his sense of awareness. Until he heard familiar voice again.

[Ding! With your Hard Work, you Neutralized the poison of First Ring Monster ”Red Snake ” And obtained 1 ”Stamina ” Point. You obtained Common Skill ”Poison Resistance ”]

[Status Window]

Name: Lex Von Desanders

Age: 19

Race: Half Dragon | Half Phoenix

Bloodline: Shadow Dragon (Rare) (Unawakened) | Azure Phoenix (Legendary) (Unawakened)

Occupation: None

Cultivation: Zero Ring (Mortal)

Class: None

Level: 3


Health: 2/5

Mana: 7/7

Mental Power: 13 —>14

Strength: 6

Agility: 4

Defense: 4

Stamina: 2/5 —> 5/8

Free Stat Point(s): 3

Shop Currency: 3

Skill(s): (Pain Resistance (Common) Level 6) – (Poison Resistance (Common) Level 1)

Hmm, my mental power and stamina helped me to survive from poison of Red Snake. Im still poisoned by Cobra. Now my stamina is higher than before and i have poison resistance skill, so its easier to tolerate it. I can see around myself, but im probably in middle of Snake Monsters. Most Dangerous thing about them is their poison. I should increase my resistance against it. its better to use free stat points on stamina.

[Stamina: 5/8 —> 8/11]

After putting all his free stat points on stamina, His pain became more tolerable and he could think more straight but even so, he didn dare to move even an inch, because Lex could sense that his body is trying to surpass Cobras Poison. So he stood still without doing anything. He just tried to not provoke any kind of existence and focus on staying awake. After something like an hour, he heard a familiar voice. A voice that was very beautiful to the current him.

[Ding! With your Hard Work and Focus, you Neutralized the poison of First Ring Monster ”Cobra ”.]

[Stamina: 7/11 —>8/12]

[Mental Power: 14 —> 15]

[Health: 3/5 —> 4/6]

[Pain Resistance (Common) lvl 6 —>lvl 7]

[Poison Resistance (Common) lvl 1 —> lvl 2]

After hearing so many mechanical but beautiful sound, he could sense that his awareness become even better than before. His bodys situation was even better than when he first came to the Abyss. And most important thing, he didn feel any pain anymore. Now that he obtained he awareness, he could sense that he was in middle of snakes. Unlike before, below him was a hard ground but he could sense some creatures were resting on his body. From his touch sense, he could say that at least 4 snake were resting above him and use him as their body pillow.

Shit, 4 monsters are using me as pillow… Ah. Should i move? NO no no. They will bite me again. Shit. Lets check status window for now. Hmm, My situation is much better than before. my stamina is way more than two times higher. My mental power is higher than before too. Even my overall health is better than before. My skills are incomparable to before too. My pain resistance level up once and i obtained a level two poison resistance too. This situation is unrealistic of we just focus on result, but it was very painful. I almost died there… but i think the only way to become more powerful and staying alive is getting bitten by snakes. This way both my stats and skills will level up. I need to have higher resistance against poisonous monster if i want to leave here alive. hmm?? why Poison resistances skill name has different color?

[Poison Resistance (Common Skill) Level 2: A skill developed to Neutralize Poison. Because of low level and Low rank, this skill only can neutralize poison of low level first ring monsters.]

[Level Up Process: 7.6%]

Oh, description. Why my pain resistance skill don have any? hmm. Doesn Matter for now. So, from i should let Snakes Bite me huh? Shit. I don want to. Ah AH AH. F*ck it. Uncle Jackson, I will f*cking kill you. NO. I will torture you for 7 days and night before killing you. I will make you beg me to kill you.

And he moved. The second he moved, 5 Creature bitten him.

[You have been poisoned by Zero Ring Monster ”Lesser Cobra ”.]

[You have been poisoned by First Ring Monster ”Red Snake ”.]

[You have been poisoned by First Ring Monster ”Red Snake ”.]

[You have been poisoned by First Ring Monster ”Lesser Golden Snake ”.]

[You have been poisoned by First Ring Monster ”Cobra ”.]


And hellish torture continued…

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