Song of Supremacy

Chapter 4: Breakthrough to First Ring

After getting bitten by snakes and neutralizing poison again, Lex got himself poisoned by snakes again and again and this cycle continued for more than three days. At first, it was very hard and painful but after each time, he became more powerful and this process became more painless. He wanted Continue this Process until he didn gain anything from it anymore, but he heard an interesting notification.

[Status Window]

Name: Lex Von Desanders

Age: 19

Race: Half Dragon | Half Phoenix

Bloodline: Shadow Dragon (Rare) (Unawakened) | Azure Phoenix (Legendary) (Unawakened)

Occupation: None

Cultivation: Zero Ring (Mortal)

Class: None

Level: 3


Health: 4/6 —>4/8

Mana: 7/7

Mental Power: 15 —>18

Strength: 6

Agility: 4

Defense: 4 —> 5

Stamina: 8/12 —->9/19

Free Stat Point(s): 0

Shop Currency: 3

Skill(s): (Pain Resistance (Common) Level 7 —> Level 8) – (Poison Resistance (Common) Level 2 —> Level 5)

[Poison Resistance (Common Skill) Level 5: A skill developed to Neutralize Poison. Because of low level and Low rank, this skill only can neutralize poison of Mid level first ring monsters.]

[Level Up Process: 11.9%]

[Ding! You neutralized poison of many First Ring monsters. System detected that there are many neutralized poison element in your body and your body is feeding on them and use it for its own metabolism. With the help of system, you can change one of your bloodlines and awaken it, Do you want to proceed?]

Changing bloodline? I never heard of it and awakening? Its good but i should be careful and don awaken useless bloodline. lets proceed for now. Thats the only option i currently have.

[You can choose one of following options]

[Change your bloodline from Shadow Dragon (Rare) to Poison Dragon (Rare)]

[Change your bloodline from Azure Phoenix (Legendary) to Poison Phoenix (Rare)]

Hmm? Obviously first option. Azure Phoenix is bloodline of royal family of Pho Empire. its way too powerful and its a legendary rank bloodline in system category. in outside world they call it a 5-star bloodline. Because if you awaken it, you will reach Fifth Ring in your lifetime even if you don cultivate. Its THAT overpowered. But what are poison dragon and poison phoenix bloodline? Why i didn ever heard of them? hmm. Well, lets continue with first option for now.

[You choose to Change your bloodline from ”Shadow Dragon (Rare) ” to ”Poison Dragon (Rare) ”.]

[Start of Evolution]

The moment he chose to change bloodline, He sensed a warm feeling from his abdomen. the felling spread to his whole body and after that his body became warmer and warmer. But it wasn painful. He could sense some change in his body but he couldn tell what these changes were. The process continued for a whole day. In this whole day, not even one snake dared to touch him, but he didn move too. He tried to move, but he couldn move his body even for an inch. At first he was scared but after thinking, He concluded that it was because of bloodline evolution (Changing) and after Change of Bloodline, he can move his body at his own will again.

[Ding! Bloodline Evolution was successful. Now you have Rare Bloodline, ”Poison Dragon ”.]

[Ding! You changed your bloodline. Thats a Rare Achievement. You obtained 50 currency point.]

[Ding! You Awakened rare bloodline ”Poison Dragon ”.]

[All Your Stats {+5}]

[Ding! You awakened Rare bloodline ”Poison Dragon ”. Thats a Rare Achievement. You Obtained 50 currency point.]

[Ding! Due bloodline awakening, you Obtained Below skills:

Poison Resistance (Rare) Level 1

Poisonous Blood (Rare) Level 1

Poison Art (Rare) Level 1]

[Poison Resistance (Rare Skill) Level 1: A skill developed by Poison Dragons to Neutralize Poison. Because of low level and Low rank, this skill only can neutralize poison of Low level Second ring monsters or below.]

[Level Up Process: 0%]

[Poisonous Blood (Rare Skill) Level 1: A skill developed by poison dragons. Blood of poison dragon is poisonous and they feed on poison. As long as they have poison in their body, they can recover their Health, Mana and Stamina and don need to eat any food. Because of Low level and Low rank, this skill can only kill monsters below Second Ring. If Low level Second ring monster don have any special skill to resist against poison, there is a chance that blood of poison dragon can have effect on them or even kill them.]

[Level Up Process: 0%]

[Poison Art (Rare Skill) Level 1: A skill developed by poison dragons to create poison with Mana. Every 5 mana points can make a drop of low level 2-star poison that can kill a low level second ring monster.]

[Note: This skill is harmless to the caster.]

[Level Up Process: 0%]

[Status Window]

Name: Lex Von Desanders

Age: 19

Race: Half Dragon | Half Phoenix

Bloodline: Poison Dragon (Rare) | Azure Phoenix (Legendary) (Unawakened)

Occupation: None

Cultivation: Zero Ring (Mortal)

Class: None

Level: 3


Health: 4/8 —> 13/13

Mana: 7/7 —> 12/12

Mental Power: 18 —> 23

Strength: 6 —> 11

Agility: 4 —>9

Defense: 5 —> 10

Stamina: 9/19 —> 24/24

Free Stat Point(s): 0

Shop Currency: 103

Skill(s): (Pain Resistance (Common) Level 8) – (Poison Resistance (Rare) Level 1) – (Poisonous Blood (Rare) Level 1) – (Poison Art (Rare) Level 1)

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. This is it. Now with these kind of skills and stats i can hunt monsters and level up. I don need to go through that hell anymore.

Lex tried to sense his surrounding, but he couldn sense any Snake around himself. Not with his sense of touch. He tired to Listen and Even Smell surrounding air, but he couldn sense anything again. for the first time, he opened his eyes and tried to move. luckily nothing attacked him. He sat down on ground and tried to see surrounding environment, but it was very dark and he only could see about 2 meter of himself. Just that much.

After making sure that he isn in danger he tried to check his subspace ring but he couldn sense anything. it was in that second that he understood a very sad fact. He was Completely naked. He didn have any cloth nor his 3 star subspace ring was in his hand. in short, he is currently as poor as a beggar. He had 10000 Royal Gold, some Special elixir for recovery and even some 3 star artifacts in his subspace but he lost all of them, probably when he first fell into abyss. Now all his plans for future need to be revised.

”Shit. There isn anyone more unlucky than me in the whole Universe. NO. Even in the Whole Multiverse there isn anyone more unlucky than me but there is a chance that there is someone is Omniverse that have a shitty luck like me, but thats only a chance. Oh, i don even know Omniverse even exist. It was just a concept that i (Alan) read in some comicbooks. SHii….


Suddenly a when he was off guard, a snake came close to him and but him.

[Ding, You have been poisoned by First Ring Monster Red Snake ” but because of your resistance against poison, your body neutralized it immediately.]

Shit, these damned Red Snakes started their Shitty show again. I swear, i will destroy red snake race from face of this planet with my own ha…]

[Ding! You have gained Exp from killing First Ring Monster ”Red Snake ”.]

The hell? how did i killed it? i obviously didn do anything to it. hmm… OH. KEK. Kek. HAHAHahhahahaha. Did it get itself killed by biting me? did my poisonous blood killed it? Serve You right! You Damn Monster.

[Do you want use Exp that you gained from killing monster or you want to save it for future use?]

”Hell Yes. Use it. ”

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