Song of Supremacy

Chapter 5: Magic Circle

[You have leveled up!]

[You have leveled up!]

[You have leveled up!]

[Status Window]

Name: Lex Von Desanders

Age: 19

Race: Half Dragon | Half Phoenix

Bloodline: Poison Dragon (Rare) | Azure Phoenix (Legendary) (Unawakened)

Occupation: None

Cultivation: Zero Ring (Mortal)

Class: None

Level: 3 —> 6


Health: 13/13 —> 16/16

Mana: 12/12 —>15/15

Mental Power: 23 —> 26

Strength: 11 —> 14

Agility: 9 —> 12

Defense: 10 —> 13

Stamina: 24/24 —> 27/27

Free Stat Point(s): 3

Shop Currency: 103 —> 106

Skill(s): (Pain Resistance (Common) Level 8) – (Poison Resistance (Rare) Level 1) – (Poisonous Blood (Rare) Level 1) – (Poison Art (Rare) Level 1)

HOHOOOOOOOOOO. leveled up three times with just killing a single monster? Now this is life. kek. AHHHHHHHHH.

[You have been poisoned by First Ring Monster ”Red Snake ”.]

[You have been poisoned by First Ring Monster ”Cobra ”.]

[You have been poisoned by Zero Ring Monster ”Lesser Cobra ”.]

You F*ckers. You are digging your own grave. Damn, their biting is still a little painful.

[Ding! You have gained Exp from killing First Ring Monster ”Red Snake ”.]

[Ding! You have gained Exp from killing First Ring Monster ”Cobra ”.]

[Ding! You have gained Exp from killing Zero Ring Monster ”Lesser Cobra ”.]

[Do you want to use Exp?]


[You have leveled up!]

[You have leveled up!]

[You have leveled up!]

[You have leveled up!]

[Detected that you have enough exp to reach First Ring. Do you want to breakthrough?]

Shit. breaking through First Ring in just one day? Continue with this Shit. I love it.

[You have leveled up!]

[You have broken through First Ring.]

[All Your Stats {+5}]

[You have broken through First Ring. Now you have access to Systems Shop.]

[Ding! You have broken through First Ring. Thats a Common Achievement. You Obtained 10 Shop Currency]

You can chose one of following Classes:

1. Poison Master (Common)

2. Assassin (Common)

3. Swordsman (Common)

4. Lucky draw

All Classes are Shitty classes. well, i just broke though to 1st Ring, so i shouldn expect anything OP. What is Lucky draw?

[Every single class that existed in the history of universe is withing range of lucky draw. Just like other things, Classes have ranking too. Lowest class that exist in database of system is common rank and highest is God rank.]

Shit. all classes in the history are within range of lucky draw? lets try my luck. At worst, i will obtain a class equal to the shitty ones that i currently can choose.

[You Choose Fourth option ”Lucky draw ”]

[Please Wait.]




[Ding! You obtained Heroic Class ”Child of Darkness ”.]

[All Your Stats {+10}]

[Agility Stat {+50}]

[Ding! You obtained Heroic Skills ”Child of Darkness ”.]

[Ding! You obtained Heroic Class ”Child of Darkness ”. Thats a Heroic Achievement. You obtained 5000 Shop Currency.]

[Child of Darkness (Heroic Class): Once upon a time, there was a Great Darkness dragon who wanted to reach peak of assassination class, so he tried use his existing abilities to create a new skill that can help him. After 100 years of trying and failing, he succeeded to create a new skill and he named it, Child of Darkness. from That day, He called himself Child of Darkness and believed that this New Class, was superior to existing Assassin Class. Only People with ”Great Darkness Dragon Bloodline (Heroic) ” and Heroic Class ”Assassin ” can obtain this Class.]

[Child of Darkness (Heroic Skill): A Skill Developed by holder of Child of Darkness Class. As long as there is any kind of Darkness, Holder of this skill can Hide within it. When holder is within darkness, his Stamina Recovery, Health Recovery And Mana Recovery is five time Faster. No one Below Fourth Ring can Detect user of this skill. This skill Doesn use any mana]

[Note: As child of darkness, User of this skill can see within darkness like daylight.]

[Level Up Process: 0%]

Holy Shit. HOLY SHIT. This skill is too OP. With this skill i can escape from anyone below 4th ring. and Look at my Stats, This is f*cking OP for a early stage First Ring.]

[Status Window]

Name: Lex Von Desanders

Age: 19

Race: Half Dragon | Half Phoenix

Bloodline: Poison Dragon (Rare) | Azure Phoenix (Legendary) (Unawakened)

Occupation: None

Cultivation: First Ring

Class: Child of Darkness (Heroic)

Level: 6 —> 11


Health: 16/16 —> 36/36

Mana: 15/15 —> 35/35

Mental Power: 26 —> 46

Strength: 14 —> 34

Agility: 12 —> 82

Defense: 13 —> 33

Stamina: 24/24 —> 44/44

Free Stat Point(s): 3 —> 8

Shop Currency: 106 —> 5121

Skill(s): (Pain Resistance (Common) Level 8) – (Poison Resistance (Rare) Level 1) – (Poisonous Blood (Rare) Level 1) – (Poison Art (Rare) Level 1) – (Child of Darkness (Heroic) Level 1)

[Ding! Detected that you reached First Ring, Now you can summon a deceased soul and obtain its memories, knowledge and experiences. Start of the Lucky draw.]

[Please Wait.]




[Ding! You summoned ”Phil Uzobel ”. Now you will receive all experience of Selected soul.]

Just like last time, Lex went to another world, but this time, he went to a different world than earth. a world called Jerahand. A world of Sword and Magic. He was born as ”Phil Uzobel ” A slave with noble roots. someone who lost his everything when he was 1 years old and became a slave in another country. He was Slave for 10 years and did any kind of hard work. He even ”Pleased ” some of old guards that worked in The place that he worked at. He only knew suffering. He didn even had a dream of better life until the day he turned 10 years old. As the rule of Magic Tower, when everyone reached age of 10, they would test their mana affinity, if they had enough mana affinity, they would join magic tower. their background doesn matter, as long as they have enough talent, they will join Magic Tower. it Was a rule that existed in every single country of the world and no one could go against it. because magic tower was one of the three powerhouses of the world. but they didn abuse their power to rule over the world, they just wanted to research and grow talented individuals.

Because of his talented body, Phil got freed from his slave position and went to tower. In tower he did everything he could to become more powerful and never become subject of violence again. He was so hard working and talented that after 10 years of learning, he became a five circle magician and after that he became disciple of Master of Magic tower. After Worked even harder than before to not disappoint his master and be a worthy Student. After 15 years of hard work, he became a peak seven circle great magician and only needed sometime to become third eight circle magician of the world. In last fifteen years, he almost absorbed all knowledge within the tower and was one of the most knowledgeable Magicians of the world. But good days didn continue and he was poisoned by Vice-Master of Magic Tower, one of the two eight circle great magicians of the world. He was envious of Tower master position and Phil, as Tower masters disciple, and one of most talented persons in the history, was a thorn in the eye for him.

After all This events, Lex soul came back to his own body.

[Ding! You absorbed all knowledge and experience of Rare Soul ”Phil Uzobel ”.]

[Mental Power: 46 —> 66]

[Ding! You Obtained Rare Skill ”Spell Casting ”.]

[Spell Casting (Rare Skill): A Skill developed by Seven Circle Magician, Phil Uzobel. You can use mana and your knowledge to cast Spells of all kind of Elements.]

Shit. What kind of shitty life was that?

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