Blood seeped from her abdomen as she was kneeling on the ground, while her pack burned.

Her people that he swore to protect were running around and wailing some were gravely injured and some were fighting.

And she was in the center of all the chaos.

Her one hand was missing from her body while the other was broken, her one leg was badly twisted and the other was in a bizarre shape, she was sure that her leg was gone while the other was the only perfect part of her body, and the silver in her body was preventing her wound to heal.

Ashley was in pain both mentally and physically.

A man soon came in front of her laughing maniacally as he looked down at her, ”Ashley Martin…how does it feel to be so low?

Ashley glared at him but didn reply while he slapped her.

Ashley growled and moved forwards, she was the Alpha of her pack and not just an alpha, Alpha of the most powerful pack in the world.

Any sort of disrespect towards her would not be tolerated had she been fit right now she would have ripped this mans head off.

This man the one she loved the most the one that brought her down. And is the reason for the downfall of her pack.

Her mate, Dante.

Dante laughed as he saw the pathetic condition in which Ashley was, ”Dearest…tell me where are the moonstone and I will let you go…you see even if I am not your mate I will still show you mercy. ”

Ashley thought that she couldn feel anything after going through so much, not after seeing her pack members die, not after seeing her mother die but right now she felt thunderstruck her heart clenched at the thought and her life flashed in front of her.

Ashley remembers throwing her sister out of the pack for this man, she remembers fighting with her mom for this man she turned into a total tyrant and even punished her pack members because of this woman.

She never listened to anyone in front of Dante and she remembers nearly cutting the head of the pack warlock who had predicted that Dante was not her mate and it turned out that it was actually the truth.

Guilt, so much guilt came to her that it almost killed her, she finally burst out crying.

While Dante laughed when he saw the miserable state in which Ashley was. He was delighted when he saw Ashley Shaw. the powerful alpha that no one dared to go against, just her name was enough to scare her enemies, and there she was lying at her feet crying and wailing.

And it made him feel so powerful.

She suddenly grabbed Ashleys hair and yanked her head back, ”Now tell me where is moonstone? ”

Ashley was so angry that she spat on his face, ”You bastard… ”

Dante was so pissed that he slapped her again and this time he bought more silver and burned her skin with it Ashley didn make a noise she has been through so much pain that she does not feel pain anymore.

Ashley suddenly smirked, ”You want the moonstone huh? ”

Dante looked at her and gulped the look in her eyes was maniacal and it scared him felt mad even more mad that even in this state she was able to scare him.

He sat in front of her and smirked, ”Yes dearest tell me where is the moonstone? ”

”Tell me first what did you do to me and why did my wolf scream that you are my mate? ”

Dante rolled his eyes and groaned while Ashley spoke, ”Tell me, Dante, tell me if you want the moonstone. ”

Dante sighed and laughed as he got up, ”Have you read Shakespeare? ”

”I hope you know that I don have much time left the silver that you injected in my body has reached my heart… ”

Dante looked at her and closed his eyes before he took a deep breath, ”You know that in all mythologies and stories there is that one famous potion that can make you fall in love with the first person you saw after taking it. ”

”I thought that works only in humans and not on wolves if you have given me so

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