When Ashleys eyes opened again, she was in some other space.

Everywhere around her was white, the walls the grounds everything, and there was pin-drop silence she looked at her chest that was healed with no sign of any stab wound.

She looked t her hands her feet and then touched her face, before she sighed and looked down the realization dawned upon her, ”So I am dead. ”She mumbled and then looked around, ”Is this the afterlife? ”

”No, it isn . ” She suddenly turned around with a speed of light ready to attack whoever was behind her but she stopped when she saw a woman.

And not just any woman, a drop-dead gorgeous woman, a tall woman with a beautiful smile and pale and smooth skin, she was wearing a blue gown and had a golden crown on her head, her hairs were black as night, eyes as blue as the ocean and the face as beautiful and ethereal as the moon, and no further introduction was needed Ashley suddenly kneeled in front of her.

”Moon goddess. ” She said and bowed her head down as a sign of respect, ”I apologize for my rudeness. ”

The moon goddess smiled and touched her shoulder as a sign for her to get up, Ashley got up and looked at her, she was really as beautiful as the legends.

”Goddess. Do you come to get every werewolf who dies? ”

The goddess laughed, ”No my child, I only come to those who are lost and need to go back. And besides didn you summon me? ”

Ashley frowned and hen she remembered the spell she chanted before she died, ”so you actually came because I summoned you and Lost? go back? Goddess, I am pretty sure that I killed myself. ”

Suddenly the Goddesss face was serious, ”And you have to go back…to stop them, Ashley. ”

”Me? ”

”Yes, Ashley, I am sending you back to fight those who have wronged you and those who have sinister thoughts about the world. ”

Ashley gulped, ”But why me? I thought you hated me, goddess? ”

The goddess looked at her and smiled, ”Why would I ever hate my child? I never hated you, dear, you just made wrong choices but it is okay. ”

”But you gave me no mate? ”

”Just because you didn find your mate does not mean that you don have him. ”

Ashley sighed and her eyes were filled with tears, ”So you are saying that I have a mate? ”

The goddess smiled and Ashley cried, ”But goddess even if I go back I have no family, no pack no nothing just because I have a mate does not mean that I will be happy with him…I feel so guilty and… ” before Ashley could complete her sentence the moon goddess hugged her.

Her hug was motherly Ashley felt like she was being hugged by her mother, she hugged her back, and the moon goddess gently patted her back, ”Everything will be okay. ”

Ashley closed her eyes but the next time she opened her eyes she wasn with the moon goddess anymore she woke up with a jolt and sat on her bed, her body was covered with sweat and she was shivering.

She looked around and it was her room but it was not her room.

She suddenly got up but stumbled and fell on the ground her legs were shivering, her entire body was shivering and she felt weak, ”Ashley? ”

Ashleys eyes widened and tears filled her eyes as she hugged herself and then kept her hand on her heart, ”April? April s that you? My wolf April? ”

April laughed as well, ”Yes, Ashley its me..your wolf. ”

Ashley cried harder as she hugged herself, she was laughing and crying as well, ”Look yourself in the mirror Ash. ” April said.

And Ashley slowly crawled towards the mirror as she looked at herself in the mirror she looked so young and beautiful her face was not injured, he touched her face and gulped.

”Where are we April? ” She asked.

April replied, ”We are back to six years go, Ashley, you are still twenty-three. ”

Ashley was shocked but she kept on staring at herself in the mirror, ”Twenty-three…six years you say? ”

”Yes, Ashley lets work harder this time and not let anyone fool us, now wipe your tears, my dear. ”

Ashley suddenly ran outside her from she was disturbed but when she came out she stopped in her tracks as she came across her pack members.

They were all there alive and smiling, breathing and talking, her pack her members. Her family.

One of the pack members saw her and smiled at her, other waved her hand, and the other greeted her, she saw a young child of at least coming to her and giving her a bun, ”Please eat if Alpha. ” the boy smiled, this boy was Adam…Ashley remembered him, Adam the little puppy that followed her everywhere.

They looked up to her and loved her so much but she executed his parents because Dante framed them for treason.

Thinking about the past made her eyes wet and she took the bun with her shivering hands and slowly bought it near her mouth, Adam smiled at her looking at her with twinkling eyes, she smiled at him and ate the bun, before she smiled at him nodded, ”Its tasty. ”

Adam smiled and clapped his hand before he gave her another bun and ran away to his mother, who smiled at Ashley. And Ashley smiled back at her.

She suddenly felt a strong arm around her shoulder, ”Up so soon sister? ”

Ashleys heart stopped when she looked at the person beside her and nearly burst out crying when she saw her sister Amber.

Amber looked so healthy and fine, she was tall and beautiful and had brown hair like their father, she was a perfect warrior, advisor and so much better than Ashley.

Amber looked at Ashley she noticed the tears and she was stunned.

Ashley was an alpha and an Alpha never cried unless it was an apocalypse, she moved back and slowly remove her hand from Ashleys shoulder, ”Whats wrong? ”

She asked but before she could ask anything further Ashley jumped at her and hugged her tightly, Amber was sure that something was very wrong, ”Hey…whats wrong with you, and can you please loosen your hold, ouch Ashley you are hugging too tightly. ”

But Ashley couldn care less she hugged Amber as if her life depended on it, ”I had a nightmare. ”

Amber blinked and slowly hugged Ashley back, ”okay…was it bad? what was it about? ”

Ashley still refused to break the hug and didn say anything further, Amber sighed and let Ashley hug her.


After Ashley calmed down Amber sat beside her and gave the water that she drank in one, Amber was going to sit but Ashley raised her glass, ”More. ”

She asked and Amber gave her another glass, that she drank again, and once again when Amber was going on sit she raised her glass again, ”More. ”

Amber scoffed, ”did you develop a well inside your body or what? ”

Ashley looked at her with a pitiful face and seeing how disturbed her sister was Amber sighed and fetched more water and gave it to her this time she even kept a water bottle beside her and finally sat beside her.

”Now what did you see. ”

Ashley still didn believe that she was back, she was back.

The thought made me so happy yet terrified, ”Where is mom? ”

She asked and Amber rolled her eyes and asked with annoyance, ”Ashley I asked you something why are you dodging it? ”

Thats her sister she hated when she asked something to other people and in reply, she would get another question or the person would talk about something completely different.

Ashley smiled, ”I saw that our pack was ruined, our people were killed and outhouses were burned, mom was killed in front of me , while you became a rogue. ”

Amber was quiet after this information dump, but Ashley asked, ”Now tell me where is mom? ”

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