That night when Ashley came back she was tired, so she walked to her room, however before she walked to her room she saw the light coming from the meeting room.

She got curious about what could someone be doing in the meeting room at this time she so she walked over there and to her surprise she saw Sophy and Amber and other pack warriors and even some elders in the room.

”The situation is very dire, elder. We have to do something. ” one of the warriors said.

”Yes indeed it is, those lowly packs think that they can attack our territory and get way with it. ” another said.

”And thats all because we have no acting alpha and the princess does nothing to them, those small packs are making fun of our pack and slowly, slowly occupying our land. ”

The four elders and Amber heard all the accusations and even Sophy did but all she did was smile, ”If only we have a better heir to the throne it would be so much better but the princess is always making others worry about her and cause trouble for all of us. ” Sophy spoke and Amber glared at her however the others somewhat agreed with her.

Amber spoke, ”I will talk to Ashely and we will do something about it. ”

However, Sophy spoke again, ”But what will you talk about to her? she is the alpha and she should be interested in this matter herself why is that we have to go to her and beg her to listen to us and save us when it is her duty?

And moreover why is it that she never pays attention to any of the pack problems? if she had then we wouldn have been here today? ”

Amber clenched her fists and glared at Sophy but she was not going to deny her accusations since Sophy was right Ashley was always uninterested in all these matters and would often say to others to deal with it themselves and not to bother her with these measly matters.

Sophy smirked when she saw Ambers silence and spoke, ”we should choose another leader for ourselves at this rate. If Ashley can protect us then we have to take matters into our own hands! ”

Everyone was shocked and quiet but no one oppose her Amber was not able to defend Ashley this time and she felt worthless because of that.

While Sophy smirked, ”lets go to those packs I will guide you, and I will lead you all, after all, I was also taught but the alpha of this pack… ”

”Oh really? ” the crowd became silent and the atmosphere became cold as soon as Ashley opened the door and walked in with confident and elegant steps as if she was the boss and owned the place, her hair swayed and her lips curled up in a smirk while her eyes held confidence and anger at the same time.

Her dress swayed and made her look like a queen as her high heels made a classy sound as she walked and stood before everyone.

And as soon as the others came into her majestic presence they greeted her, ”Greetings alpha. ”

Ashley smiled calmly, technically she was not the alpha, and yet everyone referred to her as one.


Because ever since she was born as a pureblood alpha everyone in the pack was happy and rejoiced and naturally they all assumed that she was their future leader, it was either her or no one else.

And after her father died everyone started to call her alpha since no one else could take her place as she was the pureblood alpha a rare kind and a royal, however, these past few years Ashley has only disappointed them.

Hence she very well understood their lack of trust in her, ”I know the matter of the recent attacks. ” she calmly addressed and others looked at her, ”I would like to know the details of this matter and I would like to personally interrogate this. ”

The warriors and the elders were all shocked and so was Sophy she had already felt mad because of Ashleys presence and how everyone looks at her with respect so she spoke, ”Alpha you have no experience in handling these kinds of cases let us handle it. ”

Ashley looked at her and said nothing and Sophy said, ”Alpha, you are not qualified to get involved what if you get hurt and… ”

”Shut up. ” was all Ahsley said and that too with a firm and cold voice with authority, shocked Sophy to the core.

Ashley then turned to the head warrior and her beta Rafael and said to her, ”Rafale Heinrich tell me about the problem. ”

Rafael bowed as he said, ”Alpha these past five years the surrounding pack have been constantly invading our territory and trying to occupy our land. ”

Ashley nodded, ”Why? why are they not afraid of royalty anymore? ”

Rafale gulped as he looked at Amber who gave him a nod and Rafael said, ”Alpha you are already twenty-four and yet you have not become the alpha of the pack, and neither you have a mate and this has made the other packs believe that you are weak and useless and a pushover.

They feared your father and after knowing that you are a pure-blood alpha they feared you as well but when you didn take over the leadership position they thought that you are weak and since this pack has no acting alpha they are trying to conquer us. ”

Rafael finished speaking and as soon as he did that Ashely sighed before she smirked, ”is that so? ”

Rafael and the others looks at her before he said, ”yes alpha. ”

Cassandra one of the elders spoke, ”What are you going to do about it Alpha? ”

Another Elder Elijah spoke, ”surely you are not going to back off and tell them to deal with it themselves right? ”

Raymond also spoke, ”The reason you are not given the alpha title is that you have not proven yourself that you are worthy of this title and hence we are facing this chaos. ”

Sophy added as well, ”indeed yes! Alpha had you shown a little bit more interest and put more effort into your responsibility then it would have been so much better. ”

Ashely smiled, ”yes you are right. ”

The others looked at her, and their eyes widened and they gasped when Ashley did something unexpected, Ashley kneeled before them and said, ”I am very sorry for my negligence, because of me you all have suffered but not anymore.

I promise on my dead fathers grave that from this day onwards I will not neglect my responsibilities I will not let you all suffer. ”

”Alpha! ” Rafael and the others kneeled as well as Ashley said, ”give me one last chance and I shall solve this matter personally. ”

”Yes! ” the pack warriors said together and Ashley smiled at them before she stood up and faced the elders, ”trust me this one elder, I know that I have highly disappointed you all but trust me not this time. ”

The elders all looked at each other, and Raymond smiled, ”how come you are doing all this now? ”

Ashley smiled, ”Lets just say I have gained enlightenment. ”

She then turned to Amber and winked and then once again faced the pack warriors, ”so who are those packs? ”

Rafael said, ”till now there are five packs so seem to look down on us and want to brag about themselves by acquiring our territory they are also spreading rumors about weak and useless you are to the other packs and other supernatural beings. ”

Ashleys eyes suddenly turned red, as she said ”take me there. ”

Rafael and the others looked at her and he said, ”Now? Alpha. ”

Ashley nodded, ”yes now. ”

Sophy clenched her fist as she glared at her with hatred.

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