”We are here alpha, ” Rafael said as he and the other warriors along with Ashley hid behind the car parked stood in front of the building.

The thing about territories was that, that the territories were not land in the woods.

Territories were about different parts of the cities and towns and countries.

Each territory has a building base, governed by officials assigned by the pack, and if any rogue or person from the rival packs enters the territory, then they have to report to the governor.

These governors were mostly part of the human government of the region as well to get better access and blend in.

Another thing was that when werewolves transform into their wolf forms, normal humans can see them since they transform into a being higher than that of humans and so unless and until the werewolves want the humans won be able to see them.

And same goes for other supernatural creatures when a witch uses her magic humans can see her or her magic.

Even a normal human cannot enter their pack territory, because the pack territory is also in a dimension higher than the one humans live in, meaning even there is an invisible wall separating the humans and the pack territory, or a witch coven or a vampire house and even the council.

”They had captured our governor and other workers and even humiliated them. ” one of the warriors said.

And another added, ”that is what they do, they not only insult them they leave them alive to come back to the pack and inform us about our defeat they do this to insult us and show us how weak we are. ”

Ashley sighed, ”creatures can live in peace now can they? ”

Ashley then stood straight as she walked towards the club building while Rafael and others followed her, ”Alpha are you going to talk to them? ”

Ashely almost laughed, ”talk seriously? me? Nah… I am going to clean the garbage that and send them back to the rival pack. ”

Audrey a pack warrior spoke, ”then alpha are you going to fight them? ”

”Yes. ”

Rafael knew that Ashley was a pure-blood alpha but that was all he knew he has never ever seen a pure-blood alpha in actions or witnessed their powers, and Ashley was a highly trained person but Rafael had never seen her fight to even use her powers that were why he was worried. And so were the other four warriors.

Rafale spoke, ”but alpha we are just four people and they are at least twenty highly trained warriors and they are not from ordinary packs their packs are very strong as well! ”

”Well, I am stronger. ”


”Look here mutt! ” Tyson the warrior from the rival pack said as he harshly grabbed the hairs of the warrior from Ashleys pack and made him face him.

”See where you are now! ” he said as he slapped him.

”MILES! ” The other colleagues who were tied down and made to kneel felt bad for their leader and were not able to see him like that.

While Miles was punched and kicked again, as Tyson once again laughed and put his foot on his face, ”this is the strongest of the most powerful pack, this is the strength of royalty! hahaha **ing pests. ”

”How are you insult our pack! ”

”If our alpha found out she will kill you all and your pack! ”

Tyson turned to the woman who had talked to him like that and walked to her before slapping her, ”your bitch of an alpha can do anything to me she is worthless and useless where is she till now? why hasn she shown up? admit it she is scared and it won be long before we catch her too and make her our slave! ”

The woman glared at him and spit at his face, ”how dare you to insult my alpha! ”

Tyson wiped the spit from his face and glared at the woman with murderous eyes, his eyes held so much rage that others shivered and Miles also felt scared for the woman, ”let her go, beat me, leave her alone she is young and naive! ”

However Miles grabbed her hair and banged her head against the floor the woman screamed with the pain while the man showed no mercy, ”you **ing bitch how dare you spit at me! ” just you wait today I will send your head back to your alpha! ”

He said as he started to drag her by hair, while her colleagues yelled and Miles begged, ”leave her , please leave her alone! ”

Tyson put the woman on the table and the other warriors grabbed her hands and legs as Tyson smirked, ”let me enjoy you before I end you. ” he said as he was about to open her pants.

”NO LET ME GO! ” the woman screamed and struggled but she was slapped in the end and other female warriors went to Miles and another male, ”I will enjoy you sweetheart. ” she said as she pushed Miles on the floor and hovered over him, ”let me go you bitch! ”

The woman smirked as she took out her knife and tore his clothes, ”I will make sure you enjoy it. ”

The scene was that of chaos as Ashleys pack members struggled and the enemies laughed.

However, before anyone could go further the door of the club was kicked open with so much force that it broke and flew inside.

The people flinched and were startled as they saw Ashley and behind her, Rafael and others walked in.

And when Ashley she made up her mind about what to do with these people.

”Who are you! ” Tyson roared, however, Miles and his team recognized Ashley and the woman who was bound on the table said, ”Al…Alpha… ”

Tyson and the others eyes widened when they heard that and they looked at her with astonishment.

”So she is the pureblood alpha? ” Tyson mumbled as he looked at her up and down.

While Ashely casually walked ahead and stood before her and looked at him up and down before snorting, ”yuck! what a disgusting creature… ”

She said and Tysons face became red, ”how dare you… ”

Before he can even complete his sentence Ashely glared at him as her eyes turned red and she said in a firm voice, ”Kneel. ”

And as soon as she said that Tyson felt a very overwhelming power over him that nearly crushed his body and forced him to kneel before Ashely without even giving him a chance to protest.

And seeing that the other enemies took a step back while Miles and the others smiled the woman laughed, ”You see you all thats our alpha and before her, you all are nothing more than mutts, tell your alpha, her feet and maybe she will forgive you. ”

The other woman who was over Miles gritted her teeth and took out her dagger as she jumped at Alpha, ”I hate you, you cocky bitch. ”

”ALPHA! ” Rafael and the others moved ahead however Ashley stopped them with her hand and smirked at the woman the woman got more annoyed at the smirked and wanted nothing more than to wipe that dam smirk smile off from Ashleys face.

However before her dagger can even touch her Ashely moved to the side and grabbed her and threw her on the ground before keeping her foot on her face and smirking, ”I like your hands…. so I will take them. ”

And no sooner than she said this she used her entire strength to detach the womans hand from her body making her scream with agony and writhed on the ground as the blood splattered everywhere.

Rafael, Audry, and Miles were all shocked to the core but proud as well when they saw the fear on others faces.

Ashely then turned to them, her face had drops of blood and when she smiled she looked like a pure blood-thirsty demon, before she looked at Tyson, ”prepare yourself because you are going to deliver a message from me to your alpha. ”

She said and looked at others, ”I hope you all are ready to pay for laying your hands on my people! and so is your alpha. ”

She said before she jumped and took out her fangs and claws ready to rip everyone to shreds, she did not need anyones help she was alone.

And that was the power of the pure blood alpha she can compel beings lower than her status be is a werewolf or anyone else who is not royalty like her to follow her orders and even mind control humans.

Screams of terror echoed in the room as Rafael and the rest watched with horror and at the same time admiration.

This was their alpha, this cruel demonic, yet majestic being was their leader.

In the end, Ashley stood in the middle covered with blood as Tyson who was still kneeling peed in his pants as he saw the events unfold.

Ashely then came before him and said, ”You are going to collect each and every part of their bodies in one box and their heads in another box and especially give them to your alpha and tell him to come to meet me if he wants his head attached to his body.

And if he dared to defy me then he and his family are next. ” she said before she smiled, ”Is that understood? ”

Tyson who a few minutes ago was smiling and cocky and dared to call Ashley a bitch and wanted to make her slave was not shivering so much that he was scared he might have a heart attack as he nodded, ”Yes. ”

”Good Boy. ”

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