The cheers of two glassed filled with vodka to celebrate another victory.

”Congratulations alpha! we have once again captured another territory of the Gealach Ahren. ” the beta said.

The alpha laughed with joy as he enjoyed his vodka, ” this is indeed a time to celebrate, after all this is like defeating those cocky royal bastards who think they are all majestic and undefeated.

This is just the beginning. slowly, slowly we will capture more and more land and one day we will be the rulers and possess the moonstone.! ”

Beta smiled, ”amen… Gealachs Ahren has been quiet all these years and they have no alpha. Their heir has not made any appearance in the public and neither in the pack, they are alpha less and it will be easy to slaughter them. ”

The alpha smiled as well and while they were enjoying their vodka a sudden knock on the door took their attention, ”come in. ”

Alpha and as soon as he said that a young pack member walked and he did not look well his face was pale as if he had seen a ghost and was shaking as he looked at Alpha.

The alpha and beta gulped as a fear that the news this child had bought was related to Ashley and her pack and they were right.

”Whats wrong? ” the alpha asked the young wolf gulped and said, ”Please come with me ”

The pack members were looking at the Tyson who seemed like he had taken a bath in the blood as he was standing near the car at the packed gate.

His face was pale and he looked so scared that he was trembling his family and other pack members tried to talk to him but he did not say anything and he smelled like blood and pee.

No one dared to approach him either.

”What do you think happened? ”

”Wasn sent to capture one of Gealachs Ahren territory? ”

”Did their alpha do this? ”

”What happened to others? ”

”Why is he alone? ”


”WHY DONT YOU SAY ANYTHING?! ” The families of others who were with him cried and asked for answers as they felt scared for their children after seeing Tyson like that.

”Whats going on?! ” The people moved to the side to make way for the alpha and his beta who stopped in their tracks when they saw Tyson.

And when Tyson looked at them he finally moved, with trembling hands, he moved his hands and opened the car door and took out two boxes, and placed them before his alpha.

”Whats this? ”

Alpha asked and Tyson did not reply, the alpha looked at his beta who went ahead and opened the boxes, and as soon as the others saw what was in the boxes chaos ensued.

People started to scream and some vomited with others fainted at the bloody scene, one pack had the heads and the others had other body parts like hands and legs.

The alphas face paled as well and the beta gasped as well as he covered his mouth both of them felt extreme fear.

And Tyson finally spoke in a cold and trembling voice, ”the pureblood alpha has asked you to meet her at her pack and if you do not obey her command then you and your family will also end up like them Alpha. ”

And it was now that the Alpha felt sheer horror and terror, his heart was beating fast and he cursed himself internally looks like he **ed up, and now has invited the wrath of someone he shouldn have offended.

And not just him the four other packs who boasted about being powerful and were proud of themselves were now trembling with fear.


”WHERE IS ASHLEY! ” Ava yelled as she couldn find her daughter.

It was time to go to the office and Ashely had to go with her also today was her first day working with Bryan but she was nowhere to be seen.

And this was so bad! Ashely was not only not serious about work or pack but she didn even give importance to her mate!

How can she behave like this?

Sophy came to her and smiled, ”Maam we should go, it looks like Alpha won be here anytime soon. Looks like she had more important work! ”

”Tsk! More important work? ” Ava nearly yelled as she felt frustrated.

”Yes more important work. ” suddenly another voice came over them that grabbed Ava and Sophys attention and they looked at Amber.

Who came there and stood before Ava, ”she indeed had more important work. ”

Ava looked at her, ”and what might that be? ”

”She got to know that the pack territories were being captured by the rival packs so she went to save the territories and our pack members and also teach a lesson to them… ” Amber said, ”And Sophy knew this I still wondered what didn she tell that to you before. ”

Ava looked at Sophy sharply making her flinch, after all, Ava was the luna of the pack naturally she was going to hold the same gaze and power and authority as the alpha, ”is that true? ”

Sophy gulped and nodded, ”Yes Luna it is true but I did not tell you because I was worried that you might get worried about Alpha… ”

Amber laughed, ”oh really? why would she be worried that Ashley was carrying out her duties she would be rather proud. ”

Sophy clenched her fists and gritted her teeth, she felt rage against Amber and wanted to kill her, while Amber said, ”you know what? why do you even try to act smart and use your brain when it is absolutely not needed huh? ”

Sophy spoke with gritted teeth, ”I am sorry luna. ”

Ava said, ”Its alright I know that Sophy did not mean any harm after all she cared about me. Ava said and paused before she looked at Amber, ”more than anyone. ”

Amber got the hidden meaning behind her words and rolled her eyes before she walked away.

Ava sighed as she looked at the time and now she was genuinely worried about Ashely.

However she was also getting late for her work, Ava decided to leave for now.

Ashley was not a child anymore and she was the future alpha Ava don have to worry about Ashley after all she has trained her to be powerful.

Ashely is not someone that would be easily defeated and it was about the damn time that she would realize her responsibility.

So Ava took out her phone and called Bryan, ”Hello Mrs. Martin, Good morning. ”

”Good morning Bryan. ”

”What can I do for you, Mrs. Martin? ”

”I just wanted to tell you that Ashley might not come to your office today. ”

Bryan raised his eyebrow, ”Oh I see no problem. ”

He said before the call was disconnected and as soon as it was disconnected Brayn sighed and shook his head, well he was not disappointed since he did not expect anything from Ashley.

And he knew that someone like Ashley just can take anything seriously, people like her always get on his nerves it was good that she was not going to come.

However, no matter how much Bryan said he disliked Ashely, a tiny part of his heart and mind wanted to see her again.

For some reason, he did find her intriguing.

Bryan sighed as he forced his brain to stop thinking about Ashely and focus on his work.

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