The next day Ashley woke up early than usual and got ready to go to work.

She was extremely nervous and scared, which was actually weird. She did not feel this much nervousness when she was out there ripping her enemies to shreds, but now she does.

Is this the power of the mate bond?

Ashely smiled as she saw herself in the mirror and looked at herself up and down one more time ”perfect. ” she said before she grabbed her bag and was ready to leave with her mother.

However, once she stepped out of the pack she was swarmed by the pack members. They all were looking at her which was nothing. new however this time something was different. This time all these people were looking at her with a smile.

Soon The beta Rafael came ahead, and said, ”good morning, Ashley. ”

”Good morning Rafael whats going on though? ”

Rafale smiled, ”Everyone heard about your deed and they are all impressed. ”

Ashely suddenly laughed and her face turned red, she was not used to being respected and being considered an idol, ”Oh… I see it was nothing. It was my duty. ” she said before she looked at the others and. smiled however this time Rafael said, ”Ashley, don you think you should take over the alpha position now? ”

Ashely looked at him and smiled, ”Yes, Rafael, I will take over that position soon, after all, I was born to be the leader. ”

Rafael smiled at his Alphas confidence.

”Ashley, are you ready? ” her mother Ava asked and behind her was Sophy.

Ashley nodded and Ava smiled, ”lets go then. ”

However, Ashley was suddenly reminded of something and so she said, ”Mom you go ahead. I will see you join you in a second. ”

Ava nodded before she went ahead and Ashley stayed behind to talk to Rafael, ”Rafael, if the alphas of those five packs come then make them wait, tell them that I am busy, and keep it on till I come back alright? ”

Rafael looked at her before she asked, ”by why Alpha? ”

Ashley smiled before she said, ”because those **ers should learn their place and wait like a dog for me. ”

Rafael smirked back, ”sure Alpha. ”

Ash;ey winked before she left as well while Amber who heard this smiled, ”you have really changed Ashley. ”

She said before she went inside her room.

While Ashley sat in the car with Ava.

And Sophy was the one who asked her, ”What were you talking to Rafael about? ”

Ashley looked at her, through the rearview mirror, Sophy was sitting on the passenger sat and looking at Ashely through the rear-view mirror as well. Their eyes locked before Ashley smiled, ”nothing that concerns you Sophy. ”

Sophy clenched her fist, ”anything about the pack concerns me, Ashley, how can you say that it does not? and if you tell me that maybe I can help you and give you better advice. ”

Ashely scoffed, ”better advice? are you saying that my judgment is not good enough? ”

Sophy smirked at this and said, ”of course, if your judgment had been good then we wouldn have lost our territories in the first place and wouldn have lost our warriors.

If you were smart enough then you would have been the alpha till now. Ashley, I worry about the pack and I have more experience in handling the pack matters. Thats why I am saying that I can help you, so you should stop being childish and tell me right luna? ”

Ava who was listening to all this nodded, and Ashleys eyes widened as Ava spoke to her, ”Ashley, Sophy is right, let her help you, she can be of good assistance to you and moreover you both are of the same age group so it will be easier for you to communicate with her then with the elders. ”

Ashley smiled at her mother, however, she was crying and cursing internally, it will take some time to get her reputation back on track.

The stupid mistakes and the atrocities that she has done in the past have come back to her as her karma.

Ashely sighed and looked outside.

She has to win her mothers favor as soon as possible and take over the packs working from her because as long as Ava will be in charge, Sophy will keep on meddling with her business.

And then there are pack elders, if Ashley can win their favor, then will automatically approve of her.

Ashley clenched her fists as she looked out she has to become the alpha as soon as possible and re-establish the dominance, power, and respect of the Gealach Ahren.

One way or the other.

Soon they reached their destination and Ashely got down from the car, ”I will go now mother, have a good day. ” she said to Ava who smiled at her and wished her luck but before leaving Ava got down from the car and talked to Ashely, ”Ashley I have decided that you will work under Sophy. ”

Ashleys eyes widened and she asked, What the hell do you mean, mother? ”

”Ashley this is a huge deal and Sophy is experienced, I can let you handle this deal when you have absolutely no experience and this is the decision I have taken after yesterday. ”

”Yesterday? mom you knew that I was-. ”

”I know Ashley. I know that you were handling the enemies of our pack, however, you missed a day and you know how strict and disciplined Bryan is? Naturally, he won have faith in you if I let you handle this deal… hence let Sophy handle this and you will work under her. Besides, Ashley, this is the best for you. ”

Ashley clenched her fist and closed her eyes, she was not the boss yet, in the eyes of others she was still learning.

Besides, all of this was the result of her own ignorance and now she was paying the price, gaining someones trust and support was very tough, but Ashely was not going to back down.

She was not going to throw tantrums she was going to win everyones trust and respect in the right way.

”Alright mom as you wish, ” she said and Ava smiled she was glad that her daughter was not arguing with her or throwing tantrums.

Ashley sighed as she looked at the huge building and walked inside it, once inside she requested to meet Bryan from the receptionist and told them who she was.

The receptionist made a phone call before she smiled politely at Ashely, ”Mr. Shaws office is on the fifteenth floor. You can go there. ”

Ashley smiled before she walked to the elevator.

”Oh, Moon goddess please just please help me, ” Ashely said before she giggled when she thought about Bryan.

Its been such a long time since she saw him.

She can wait to even see his face, that handsome, alluring masterpiece of a man was her mate.

Ashley smiled like an idiot before she got off the elevator and walked out, she saw met Bryans secretary outside his office who got up and smiled at her, ”Welcome Ms. Martin the boss in expecting you. ”

Aww he was expecting me! Ashley thought before she shook her head, she should not expect Bryan to instantly fall in love with her not so soon.

So she cleared her throat, ”I am happy to hear that, so can I go in? ”

The secretary smiled before he said, ”Yeah sure. ”

Ashley smiled as she walked towards the door and was about to knock on it however before she can even knock it the door opened in a hurry and Bryan came out in a rush as he bumped into Ashley with full force.

Ashley who did not expect this stumbled back but regained her balance but Bryan didn even stop to see if she was okay, he didn even register that he bumped into someone as he was in such a hurry that he ran out of his office and didn turn back.

While Ashley was left there in shock.

She blinked twice as she stared in the direction where Bryan went before she clenched her fist and internally yelled.


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