n you saw how beautiful mana writing is right? ” Heddwyn comforts.

The light sniffles start to disappear as Heddwyn continued to hug him. Not from what he was saying, Haider had no clue what Heddwyn said in the slightest. It was from the warm, softness of the Nekojins fur coat.

Heddwyn stops his embrace as Helga and Christopher enter the dining room. Both of their eyes widen at the massive display and gawk at all the food as they sit down.

Coming out of her trance she notices Heddwyn getting up from his knees. ”did something happen? ” she asks showing a bit of concern.

”yea, Haider got a little upset, so I decided to give him a hug, I hope I wasn overstepping my boundaries ” the kitty said. ”no not at all. However, Im a little mad that Father didn do it instead ” she says glaring at Father.

”hay I had no opportunity. Heddwyn already got up before I even registered what happened, I literally just watch food materialise in the air ” he says back.

”oh, is that right? Wait did you say about something coming out of the air? ” Helga said confused. ”so, what exactly did you do? ” she asks turning her head towards Heddwyn.

”I used some of the mana in a famine scroll ” Heddwyn states.

”ah ok I get it now ” she says simply.

Father starts to sweat at the realisation that she needed no further information on the matter. ”is that all! Just, ah ok and thats it! ” he yells.

”you seriously didn know any of what the scroll does? Even Christopher would know. All he would need to do is pick up a book on scrolls. You really are useless sometimes ” she grunts. Father pouts and grunts back at her.

”as Father is having a good sulk, I will bless the mountain in front of us ” Helga jokes. ”I bless you in the name of the father. I bless you in the name of the mother. I bless you in the name of the spirit who moves through all things. I bless you in the name Nekojin who summoned the meal into existence. I bless you in the name of the scroll that makes all this possible. Amen. Ok everyone, dig in! ”

The night goes by as the six of them stuff their faces full of various food while Heddwyn on the other hand sticks his claws into one of the chickens and chows down like a wild ani…

(narrator) ha never mind lets just keep going.

This causes everyone to have a good laugh, which Heddwyn ignores enjoying the well-seasoned chicken that he claimed. The feast caused a party to erupt, full of laughter that lasted till midnight.

Before that however the orphans go sleep mid meal, so they don break curfew.

(narrator) I love the respect they have but couldn they just have stayed up just this once. They are going have some upset tummies

The two twins say their good nights to the adults and head off to bed. Christopher on the other hand has had a deep scowl on his face all night, ever since he woke up from the sleeping spell. Heddwyn notices his frustration and waits for his to leave the room to talk. ”we need to talk about Christopher ” he says with a hasty whisper. Completely oblivious to what was wrong Father said, ”wait what about him? ”

Heddwyn answers his question ”he had this frustrated look on his face ever since he woke up. I think he upset that he couldn do anything to that Cleo woman ”

He continues ”we need to monitor him from now on. Teach him to channel his frustration into his strength, I think he is way too young to do that now. But we can let this grow out of hand ”

”*cough* *cough* I agree ” Sister responded with earnest.

”really just like that? You
e going to take my word for it? ” Heddwyn replied

”why wouldn we? ” father said, shoving tats in his mouth.

”I mean, you literally just met me today ” Heddwyn quickly said, breaking out in a sweat.

”ok, but not only did you save the kids of this church. But you also risked your life to do so. Oh, and can forget that you already showed your sensitive side. But also showed how serious and strategic you are ” Father said gulping down the food in his mouth and putting on a more serious and professional tone.

Heddwyn was pressed to come up with a reason why they couldn trust him. ”see, you
e a great and trustworthy person, and we are honoured to have met you, Im sure the shits starting to sleep in the back think just the same ” sister said with a smile.

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