The date is the 27th of June 253, It is a bright Sunday morning in Dungannon. Today begins Christopher Newmans magic training with Father Newman.

”I will only be teaching you in Healing magic, as that is a fitting choice for the church ” said Father Newman to Christopher.

”So, if you want to study any other magic feel free to consult the magic library across town ” explained Father.

So where do we start? Christopher asked.

”Well, we can start with an intense workout. ” Father Newman answered.

How is that going to help me learn magic old man? Christopher exclaimed.

Oh look, its me. The narrator, here to walk you through the basics of how magic works here.

Lets start with how to build magic power.

There are 2 different ways to build up how much magic your body can store.

Number 1: train your body well.

The more physically fit you are the more magic your body can hold.

You don need to build muscles or anything like that, training like this regulates your breathing allowing you to be more in control of how much power your body uses.

Number 2: meditation.

Im not talking about sitting in your bedroom with your hands in the ok position while your legs are crossed. Im talking full on silent meditation whether it being in nature or just at home, it just needs to be silent. You will know when you successfully started meditating, when you can feel the mana in the environment around you.

Meditation will increase the amount of Magic your body can absorb from the environment in a certain time frame.

Next, we have how you can learn spells and how to improve them.

There are two ways you can learn existing spells; one is from books and the other is from teachers at a magic school or university.

You can improve your spells by practice, training or pushing your limits to see how much magic you can put out.

How exactly do spells work? I hear you ask. Well, this is no saying words for incantation bullshit here, that is just way too slow. What you need to do is draw the correct circles and runes in your mind for a successful spell. The more you spend on an incantation the more powerful it becomes unless the spell is in and of itself a constant and consistent consumption of mana.

Lets give an example, hmm. how do I explain in the simplest way? Each mage has a specific type of magic that they are most effective at casting. We call these Attributes and Affinities. The definitions of both these words goes as follows.

Attribute: A genre of magic encompassing multiple affinities. A mages attribute consumes half of the usual required mana for a spell in that classification. If a mage uses a spell NOT in their attribute it will cost the usual amount of mana to cast.

Affinity: A more specific classification of magic relating to magic Attribute type. A mages affinity allows a mage to cast a spell within its parameters twice as fast. Using any other affinity will result in it being the usual amount of casting time.

Neither a mages attribute nor affinity is rooted inside one another but, a mages affinity can limit them to spells in other attributes. I will provide more information on this later.

I will now give an example of an attribute and affinity hopefully this will give you a better understanding. So, a mage could have the Attribute of sand with the Affinity of manipulation. This would allow this mage to cast sand magic with half the mana it would a mage without this attribute. The mages affinity to manipulation will allow him to manipulate the sand as he sees fit in half the time than it would a mage without it can.

The manipulation affinity can be found in other types of magic too so he can cast other spells not in his Attribute with the same speed but with the normal consumption rate. Because of this, mages should always focus on their attribute and affinity if they can, this will allow them to be the most efficient that they can be.

HAY! you still with us? good we are almost done for now.

Most spells don usually need you to say the spell name, but attack projectiles do need you to initially call the name of the spell as you start using it, but with enough practice you can overcome this weird barrier and keep your foes guessing on what your next spell will be.

From here on out, whenever I make a comment, you will see me as (Narrator) instead of me introducing myself all the damn time.

Now back to the story.

*huff* *huff* *huff*

Ok then old man, how much of this training do I have to do? Asked Christopher.

*huff* *huff* *huff*

”Don *gasp* call me old man you brat, I *gulp* would probably say…. about 4 months. Just so you can start meditation ” The Father answered.

WHAT! 4 months of running, squats and push-ups just for meditation! You
e going to kill me Christopher replied as he collapsed on his face.

Father Newman, even though concerned for Christopher, couldn help but laugh at him as he collapsed to the ground.


I know I said that I would introduce myself as (narrator), but this is too urgent.

I never described what Father Newman looks like. Hes 58, 5ft 9in with short white hair and beard styled in a goatee manner, not quite but close. Hes disturbingly good looking apart from the obvious age in his face.

We don need to worry about Christopher yet because hes **ing 4. Everyone his age looks like a giant **ing potato. oh, hes quite short at 4 years old, he comes in at 3ft 1in.

Hopefully I won but in again for another 2 paragraphs otherwise we will never get to the good part *snicker*

From the right side of the church, out comes a woman dressed in black and white garments from head to toe, she is carrying a basket full of folded and dry laundry. As she turns the corner, she finds both Father and Cristopher lying on the floor in front of the church.

”What have you done to the poor lad?! ” the lady yells

Oh, Sister Helga, Im starting Christopher on his training to become a mage Father answered

”ARE YOU INSANE, HES ONLY 4 YOU STUPID OLD FOOL! ” Sister Helga yelled angrily.

Before tending to the boys, Sister Helga goes into the church to put down the basket of clean laundry.

As she kneels next to Father Newman, she puts out both hands and suddenly a spell circle with 20 runes etched into it appeared, it was about an inch away from the palms of both her hands.

It was also a yellowish green colour and seemed to very effective in healing small grazes and bruising. She was careful not to use allot of mana as the two weren very hurt and were just tired from exercise.

Sister Helga is a feisty, petite woman of 29. Despite her short stature, it is painfully apparent from the way that her robes hug certain parts of her body that shes got quite the busty figure. Father Newman, the perv he is, gawks at her slim figure. Can forget to mention the long crimson wavy wisps of hair that gently blow in the slight breeze. Father Newman rakes his eyes up her body, and she notices. Sister Helga has quite a short fuse when it comes to Father Newman.

The old man, to his own perverse credit, looked her right in the face as she was tending to him and said, ”Still showing those two off? ”

Sister Helga stops her healing spell and starts a new with another spell containing 30 runes and 2 circles it is a very dark red with a circle just behind her wrist and the other an inch behind it. It takes her a while to cast but out comes a thick red mist that hits Father Newman in the stomach causing him severe abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

Sister Helga explains to Father that the effects of the mist will last 2 hours, and that this was todays punishment for being such a filthy disgusting pervert as usual.

(Narrator) I better remember not to get on her bad side, I have no idea how Father Newman is still alive especially if this is a daily occurrence.

Later that evening, as Father Newman comes into the room after having nothing but explosive diarrhoea, the whole church family sits around a large dining table to have supper.

Now here is where we introduce 2 new characters otherwise it doesn make any sense.

These 2 are Christophers older orphan siblings. They were found outside the church in much the same manner as Christopher. However, these two were twins, one male, one female.

Yes, don get your panties in a twist youll get their description in a minute.

The male of the twins acts more like an older brother to his twin sister.

His name is Haider Newman, 6 years of age and is 3ft 11in in height and once again this is a child, still looks like a giant potato. Although he was born with a large birthmark on his face mostly around his right eye.

Now the female of the twins is very shy and the cutest little thing. Her name is Heather Newman, same age as Haider, obviously. She doesn have any unique qualities or characteristics apart from an abnormal amount of magic she possesses.

Now that we have introduced these two, we have Father Newman sitting at the head of the table, Christopher to his left and the two twins to his right.

Sister Helga comes in from the kitchen carrying a large pot full of vegetable stew. There is a spread of bread and cheese not far from the pot, Sister Helga pours a hearty helping into a shallow bowl using a ladle and passes the bowl to Father Newman. Expecting some perverse comment, she stops and waits before pouring the other bowls of stew. When nothing happened to be said she pours the rest, almost disappointed that she couldn punish him again for his perverse behaviour.

After the group finish their meal. It is time for everyone to clean up and get ready for bed, Everyone has their own rooms except for the twins.

Christopher kneels against his bed to say a prayer. I won go into what the prayer is because that is a private matter you nosey mare. Christopher, reflecting on todays events smiles. He tucks himself in and turns out the wax light on his nightstand.

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