the magic he can store, he can create an average of 6kg of metal at the highest quality within 30 seconds.

After such a scenario, it would take Mr. Oor roughly 12 hours to replenish his magic. This is 4 times faster than the usual rate as he has trained his body to extremes. However total depletion of magic is very dangerous, it can cause symptoms such as fever, headaches, dizziness, vomiting, fatigue, severe magic deficiency and worst-case death.

Now lets get back to the story.

After Christopher grabbed the wooden plates from the cupboard. He goes next to Sister Helga who is preparing an egg in a nest for breakfast to open the cutlery drawer and collect five sets of utensils, which no one will use.

(NARRATOR) AH HA HA! The **ing idiot.

Christopher walks to the dining room and carefully sets the table for each of the churchs residents. He then dusts his hands at job well done. The idiot sits himself down in his chair at the dining room table. It is at this moment that Father Newman enters the room from the direction of his private quarters.

(NARRATOR) Hmm, I wonder what he does in his private quarters.

Father looks at the poorly set table, then at the Moron sitting at said table with a proud expression on his face. The Father tries his best to hold back his laughter and sits at the head of the table, hoping and praying he gets to see Sister Helga whoop his ass.

Sister Helga bustled in with a ladened tray of eggs in a nest and promptly slammed the tray down on the dining table. This startled Christopher. She looks around the table confused as to why its completely screwed up. Her head sharply turns to Christopher and sees that stupid grin on his face, Sister smiles at him and asks Christopher to call in the twins.

Christopher gets up from his seat, walks to the front door and calls them in as instructed. In less that than a moment Heather and Haider burst through the door FULL of energy and joy. They plop themselves down at table, patiently waiting for the food to be blessed. With the entire churchs residents at the table Father blesses their food.

”I bless you in the name of the Mother. I bless you in the name of the Father. I bless you in the name of the Spirit who moves through all things. I bless you in the name of the animals and plants that provide us our food. I bless you in the name of the idiot who set our table. ”

After Fathers dreadful display. Sister slowly gets up from her seat and starts walking over to the cackling old wanker. She holds her right arm to Fathers face and 3 almost black, dark red rune circles materialise with an estimate of 50 rune inside all 3. Each rune circle is at each major joint of her arm.

”Whoa whoa whoa! Don you think thats too extreme? ” Father exclaims nervously as he chuckles.

Definitely not Helga states with confidence.

A small spark hit father in the mouth as Sister finally completed the spell.

(narrator) wait, WHAT?! Thats brutal, even for Helga.

There, now your face can say anymore stupid things. sister proclaims as she walks back to her chair.

”What di-. Cmon please give back my tongue ” Father mouthed.

Im sorry, what was that. speak up! sister said with a glare so horrific that a magic aura appeared around her.

Not even phased, Father looks at Christopher and mouthed ”worth it. ”

Want me to steal your eyes too?! Helga yells

Father Newman immediately shakes his head no.

Good, the spell wares off in a couple hours Sister explains.

Now, lets eat. Sister said to everyone present.

In an instant, both the twins spring forward to grab the breakfast that Sister made for them.

Sister Helga, completely stunned by how fast they moved stutters on her words and says ”h-h-hay now slow down a bit, theres plenty of food for everyone. Whats the hurry? ”

Sorry Sister. Me and my brother had so much fun outside playing that we made ourselves peckish. Heather said, now embarrassed by the way she acted.

”What did you do that made you both so hungry? ” Father mouthed, already forgetting that Helga removed his tongue.

It sounded like. ”Hugh hgh hgh hg hugh hugh hgh hugh hg hughhu. ”

(narrator) Bah hahahahahaha!

Father looked as if he had given up on life after that embarrassing display.

Both Sister Helga and the orphan twins all started cackling like witches while Christopher spat out the water he had put in his mouth. it not only came out his mouth but his nose too.

Father Newman spent the rest of breakfast glaring at Helga while everyone else enjoyed Sisters hard work.

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