Sister Helga walks over to Christopher with an herbal stamina remedy potion.

”Drink this lad ” Sister said as she bent down to give the bottle to Christopher.

What is it? Christopher asked concerned for what the contents were.

”Its a stamina remedy potion. It won cure your fatigue like a magic potion, but it will help you recover your stamina faster. ” Helga explains.

Christopher takes the potion, opens the cap and a putrid medical smell assaulted his nose. *gag* Christopher almost throws up at the smell but clamps his fist and chugs the potion down.

Why did that taste so bad? Christopher inquires.

”its a herbal remedy, its not supposed to taste good sunny ” sister explains.

Well, I didn enjoy it, and I definitely don feel any different than before the boy pouts.

”It will take about 10 to 30 minutes to take into your system, its only a herbal potion so it takes time lad ” sister bites.

The three of them sit together chatting and waiting for the potion to take effect in his system. They played eye spy, chatted with a farmer watering his crop and just sat in dead silence for most of it, there wasn much to do.

After the next 25 minutes pass the twins come running from the north and enter the church. The sister then looks up and realises its lunch time, so she springs up from the seated position she was in and sprinted into the kitchen leaving a dust trail behind her. She prepares a simple lunch just some pickle and cheese sandwiches with a pitcher of lemonade. Nice, quick and simple.

The Sister calls everyone to lunch in the dining room. Christopher and Father get up from the side of the dirt road and enter the Church, each sitting at their respective chairs.

While panting sister swiftly blesses the meal

”In the name of the Mother, in the nam- *huff* name of the Father, bless our meal. Ok everyone eat. *huff* ”

The Churches residents don question the abrupt blessing and just eat the lunch they were prepared. The sandwiches look rushed as one would expect but no one had the balls to say it looked or tasted bad right now, so they all just ate the food.

Everyone at the table, after finishing their mean all say. ”Thank you for the meal ” and the two twins headed off once again back up the north road, who knows what they are doing up there.

The other three stay seated to let their food settle for a while. The room was stagnant until Father burped and then spewed all over the table.

”Oh my! What happened ” Sister inquired

I just couldn keep it down, Sorry for the mess Ive made Helga Father apologised

”*sigh* Thats fine, Christopher go fetch me a bucket and a mop love ” Sister asked the lad

Yes sister complied Christopher

Christopher walks towards the bathroom and passes it by 2 meters, he stops and finds a utility closet. Grabs an empty bucket from the floor and a mop that was hanging just above it. He closes the door and walks back to the dining room when Sister asks ”can you put a dissolvable fire rune in and fill the bucket half full of water ” Christopher sighed and walks into and past the kitchen where he finds a drawer full of dissolvable runes each labelled and neatly sorted so they are easy to identify. He grabs one fire rune and places it on the bottom of the bucket. He then goes outside and round the back to the churches private water well and fills the bucket halfway.

As the rune gets wet, it lights up and produces enough heat to boil the water before completely dissolving. Christopher grabs the handle of the now scolding hot water and takes it back inside where he puts it down next to sister. He grabs the mop that he left in the kitchen, as well as a bottle of lavender smelling oil and passes them both to Sister.

Sister opens the bottle of lavender oil and puts a single drop of the concentrated liquid into the bucket. She puts the cap back on and proceeds to pass it back to Christopher to put away, she lifts the mop and into the bucket and stirs the now lavender smelling water. After a quick squeeze with an attachment on the bucket she uses solid wind magic containing 1 rune circle and 10 runes to produce a solid wind wall and slowly moves most of the vomit into the bucket. She then uses the mop to finish the job.

”Now that the table is clean and smelling fresh, rest up you two so you can continue your workout ” Sister said with mild frustration.

Father and Christopher head back outside to sit back down on the road to rest in the sun. don ask me why maybe they want a tan. 10 minutes of chatting go by and they finally stand up and stretch again. They move their torso side to side as well as stretching their arms and legs.

After the Zumba class Father started making metal beams using metal magic, he makes 6 beams and stands 4 of them up while attaching the remaining 2 between the standing poles to make pull up bars. Each one is appropriate to their height as to be realistic. They both do 5 sets of 5 reps each and call it a day for pullups. They then both do 5 sets of 5 sit-ups to finish todays workout. This gives Christopher a nice chunk left of the day for him to read his books. He beams with joy on his face, so he starts running into the church straight to the book room. But before he even gets a chance Father Newman shouts ”Now hold on young man. Rest for a while you just finished your workout ”

But Im only going to read my books Father Christopher crys out.

”It doesn matter come here and rest for a bit ” Father instructs Cristopher.

Christopher does as he is told. He walks back over to Father and they both sit back down at the wall on the road. To no ones surprise the 4-year-old passes out after he closed his eyes. Father smiles, stands and picks up the kid and takes him to bed for a nap.

A few hours later about 1 hour before sundown Christopher wakes up to Sister gently shaking his shoulder as she speaks.

”Christopher. Christopher. Get up lad dinner is ready ”

Still groggy Christopher replies with. *groan* 5 more minutes,

”no Christopher you need to eat ” sister replies with slight frustration

ok fine Christopher said with a bit sass.

Christopher gets up from his bed and starts walking to the dining room with sister. She had prepared lumpy mash and toad in the hole with gravy for tonights dinner. Now they everyone is present Father blesses the meal. ”I bless you in the name of the Mother. I bless you in the name of the Father. I bless you in the name of the Spirit who moves through all things. I bless you in the name of the animals and plants that provide us our food, Amen ”

After the blessing was made, Chatter and laughter filled the room. The twins were laughing amongst themselves while Christopher, Helga and Father was chatting away to each other about todays events. After 20 minuets of conversing and eating they all finish their meal and the orphans do their nightly routine and head to bed.

Sister clears and cleans the dining table while father goes to the prayer room for the second and final time of the day. *cough* Sister has developed a slight cough over the course of todays events. Weird detail I know but surly it can get worse right?

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