”Raaaaaaaa ”


The orc was constantly swinging its axe with great force, force strong enough to kill him in one blow were being launched one after the other.

Dammit, I can even close the distance because my swords broken and its axe is so huge

He still held his broken sword in his hand, somehow he seemed a lot stronger than when he was in the battle with the hobgoblin.

「Persistent Bastards Stamina reduction is in effect」

「Persistent Bastards stat buff is in effect」

The SSS rank skill he got was really helpful here. He is managing to dodge the Orcs attacks easily but damaging the orc seemed like an impossible task.


Gi Wan noticed that even though it has been around 30 minutes since the start of the battle with the orc no other goblins were in sight. This made it a little better for him but this also meant he had no means to get any more items to recharge his stamina.

Gi Wan decided to observe the orcs movements properly even if it takes time and stamina as he already decided to extend the battle to 2 hours so he could get another stack for Persistent Bastard.

The orc was not like the goblins he faced drill now. The goblins showed no signs of intelligence or instincts. They moved like the mobs in RPG games, so it was easier for Gi Wan who just so happens to be world rank #1 in the most trending game on earth. However the orc was getting used to the fighting style of Gi Wan, it tried to observe his movements and change the direction of its swings, naturally switched between attacking and defending and it even made sure to always keep Gi Wan at a distance.

An hour more passed like that Gi Wan had a determined expression on his face, as if he decided to do something important.

Guess Ill try that tactic now. ”

Gi Wan jumped towards the orc while yelling out loudly. The orc seemed to have understood that he was going to attack and was waiting for him in a judo stance.


Gi Wan kicked against the ground the moment he saw the orc swinging its axe and used the axe as a footing to jump towards the orc. He then stabbed the orcs eyes with his broken sword. The orc was now blind! He quickly sliced off its ears. He couldn help but feel awful as he saw the orc.

”Tch ”

The orc seemed to be in pain, it started to roar louder and swung its axe in a very random way. Gi Wan used the level of intelligence the orc had to outplay it and covered up his lack of stats. But now the orc lost its sense of reasoning so he made his distance and waited for the orc to calm down. But then, he noticed something rather strange.

”Guuuu ”

The monstrous orc, which was trying to kill his was crying while kneeling down on the ground. It swung its axe once again and stabbed it into the ground, but that broke the axe and separated its handle from the sharp part. Gi Wan felt it was strange. It had minimal intelligence buy it still looked like it knew it was in pain. In general beasts would go berserk due to wounds but that was not the case here. He then came to a conclusion from the unfolding situation before him.

”I see, so orcs are not beasts, they are just like us. ”

But then again what should he do here? Would it be ok for him to kill it? Kill a being which was like human? What about his humanity in question?


Gi Wan kept on stabbing the orc. The orc showed no signs of resistance. He stabbed and stabbed and stabbed. However it could recover rather well and seemed to have unbelievably high vitality.


Finally after 40 minutes he managed to kill the orc.

「A stack has been added to Persistent Bastard」

「All your skill levels increased by 2」

「Congratulations! You passed the assessment test!」

「Seal on the title Apostle Of Nothing is being released」

「Proved aligibility :- 20%」

「Please keep on working hard to increase your eligibility ^^」

「Apostle Of Nothing

Description :- Your soul nature has been recognized and you have been selected as the apostle of Nothing. You will receive rewards according to your attribute. More rewards will be unlocked as you prove your eligibility.

Effects :-

10% :- Authourity – Authority over information

20% :- Authority – Authority over mana

30% :- ???

40% :- ???

50% :- ???

60% :- ???

70% :- ???

80% :- ???

90% :- ???

100% :- ???」

「Name :- Gi Wan

Class :- None

Titles :-

True Otaku

Apostle Of Nothing

Stats :-

Str :- 60

Vit :- 65

Int :- ???

Dex :- 55

Agi :- 35

Skills :-

Passive :-

Fast Learner (lv 6) (S)

Rookies Sword Mastery (lv 7) (E)

Persistent Bastard (Ascended) (SSS)

Active :-

Ultra Instinct (Ascended) (SS)

Authorities :-

Authority over information

Authority over mana」

「Rookies Sword Mastery

Level :- 7

Rank :- E

Effect :- When equipped with sword, increases all your stats by 0.7%」

「Authority over information

Effects :- You are able to see others status window as long as you have higher Authority. You will be given information about the world the more your Authority increases.」

Gi Wan felt a sharp pain in his head. A lot information entered his brain in a few seconds. He now fully understood what was happening, how he got into this situation, who were the ones responsible, and everything else going in the wide universe. He felt like he could faint any second but hung on as he wanted to confirm something.

「The blocked stat points are being released」

「You gained 10 unspent stat points」

”Invest 10 stat points in agility. ”

「Agi :- 35 –> 45」

「Authority over mana

You will understand the principals of mana. You will be able to interfere with others mana and the quality of your mana. The effects increases with higher authority.」

Gi Wan then went on to hold the broken handle of the orcs axe. He made a weak grin.

”Haah! Now then I will show the world how strong a staff i- ”


Gi Wan fell on the ground.

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