The void was nothing, yet everything all at the same time. Lance felt the void pressing down on every inch of his body. Yet he also felt how the void lifted him and carried him across the negative space of the void.

Lance gasped, taking in the fresh air. ”What the hell happened, ” the grass crunched like hay under Lances hand as he sat up, blinking to adjust his eyesight to the glaring sun. ”Where am I? ” Lance looked around his surroundings, but the grass surrounding him made it hard to see. Lance stood up, stumbling a bit as his balance quickly returned, and straightened up to scan the horizon. As far as he could see was flowing grass, golden as the sun. It drifted back and forth as the wind flowed across the tips.

Lance winced a little, ”damn, thats a bit bright. ” As he looked at the golden field surrounding him, lance started walking in a random direction. ”Well, if I don know where I am, I better find someone to ask where I am. ”

The grass parted as Lance walked through it, not leaving a trail as the grassy field was blown by the wind back into the flow. ”Maybe I can find someone who knows what happened to me and can tell me who I am. ” As hard as Lance tried to remember who he was, his mind just came up blank as it did when he tried to remember anything, it felt like something in his head, but as he tried to reach for the memories, it just dissipated. As he kept trying to get these memories, they drifted farther away, seeming to be lost.

As Lance kept walking in the golden sea of grass, he saw mountains in the distance. ”Haha, looks like I finally have something to walk towards; if I keep at this, ill be there in no time, and from there, ill find someone to tell me where the hell Im at. ” As fate would have it, that was not the case for Lance. As he walked, the mountains never seemed to get closer. Soon the hours of walking began to add up, and the trio of suns started to set behind the far distant mountains and the heat.

”Damn, if only I had a coat, I remembered something! ” When he thought of things or looked at them as if he had learned about them in the past and already had the knowledge of said items, he couldn remember how he knew what they were. ”Maybe ill remember my name before too much longer, and maybe ill be blessed to find something to keep me warmer than a grey shirt and navy blue khaki shorts. ”

Already darkness filled the void the suns left. As it engulfed the field, howls carried themself across the rolling hills. ”well, sure hope those are friendly neighborhood dogs, ” Lance said with a nervous chuckled while his eyes darted across the dark fields. The waste-high grass did nothing in the regard of easing Lances nerves. As he scanned the grass, he saw parting in certain parts as something moved toward him.

”Well, time to run ” not wanting to find out what had made him their target, Lance started to run. Howls carried out behind him, getting closer and closer until the cries felt like they were right next to him.

Lance felt like someone sliced across his right calf with a hot knife. ”Fuck, goddammit! ” Lanced hurled curses at the howling beast surrounding his flank in the chase.

As Lance continued to run and curse at the beast behind him, he began to see the light near the distance as he came to the hills apex.

It looked like to be a campsite with carts

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