Valkyrie-blooded dragon

Chapter 2: Wait I have a fiancee

Drake has always been a fairly unlucky person for as long as he can remember. Before he was even old enough to remember his parents had long abandoned him. Growing up in an orphanage he was abused by just about anyone. Years later he left the orphanage to live on his own while going to school. This brief window of time was happy especially since he got a girlfriend. Sadly his bad luck once again reared its ugly head. On the day of his and his girlfriends anniversary he walked in on her cheating on him. To make matters even worse there was more than one guy. Heartbroken he left the apartment they rented together to stay on the streets. Rock bottom is the perfect word for his current predicament. ”Seriously the ** did I do in a past life to deserve this ”, he complained mumbling. Sitting on his lonely beach Drake began to wonder what life would be like if he was only a little luckier. A sigh escaped his lips as his mind focused on what his next move should be.

While he was considering whether or not to sell his kidney there was a scream. Not able to hold back his hero complex Drake rushed towards the source. When he arrived on scene the sickening sight of a man trying to **** a young girl appeared. Anger blinded him as Drake slammed into the rapist thus removing him from the girl. With annoyance on his face the man glared at Drake.

”Look here you little shit didn your mommy ever say it is rude to get between lovers ” the man said self-righteously.

”Really because from what I saw you guys a victim and their piece of shit rapist ” Drake growled.

A fury that he did even show when he caught his girlfriend cheating blazing in his eyes. The few friends he had couldn understand why he was like this. If something bad happened to him worst he would be a little bummed. However when it happens to someone else he would immediately get infuriated. Most people who knew this trait took it as a hero complex. Now faced with such scum of course Drakes was absolutely enraged. He was even angered to the point of clenching his fists to bleeding.

”Come on kid it is obvious that she is playing hard to get. Ain that right my love ” ,the rapist smugly replied.

The girls face became even paler while her body shivered but she said nothing. Tears formed in her eyes showing just how afraid she really is. Drake glance it her and was nolonger able to hold himself back. Without an ounce of hesitation he rushed the rapist again. Sadly this time Drake did not have the element of surprise so he ended up hit instead. The rapist then started to stomp on the fallen Drakes body. Standing paralyzed the girl was in full tears watching this savage beating. She started to regret her act of screaming. If she had just kept her mouth shut Drake would not be here getting beaten.

”Well then look at the mighty hero you summoned ” the scumbag mocked.

Drake laid on the ground a completely bloodied mess barely breathing. Pain shot through every inch of his body however his hand still grabbed the rapists leg. Noticing that he couldn move his leg this was briefly confusion. He looked down to see the pathetic runt still daring to stop him. Turning around he started beating Drake more and even hard. Still no matter how hard he got hit Drake refused to let go. His consciousness had long began fading in and out, still he held on. At one point he could even hear the girl begging him to let go. His mind slowly began to wonder too his life. If he were asked whether he lived a good life his answer would be a hard no. Until now thanks to his fragile body there were many things he could not do. One of which was becoming a soldier. Since childhood he wanted to be like a warrior valiantly standing on the battlefield. Sadly this dream never came true. Finally the rapist stomped on Drakes heart and when he did there was a shattering noise. Followed by the noise Drake felt a scorching heat rush through his veins. The heat burned so much that his previous pain began to fade. Feeling that burning pain Drake gripped his hand tightly. Not long after the sound of bone breaking rang through the air.

Screaming in agony the rapist fell collapsed to the floor. He held his leg as he watched horrified at the half dead kid raising up. Even more terrifying was that his appearance had completely changed. His previously thin body expanded gaining a powerful set of muscles. At the sametime there was a faint sign of scales growing on his skin. Sharp claw like nails were added to his hands. His. hair had both grown as well as changed color. Now it is long enough to reach down his back and is blueish silver. Adding to Drakes inhuman appearance are a pear of black horns growing backwards and golden beast like eyes.

Fear over took the rapists body ,while the girl blushed shyly. Opening his mouth Drake let out a monstrous roar. His roar struck to the scumbag soul as his pants became wet. A fear that only exists at the most basic level clouded his judgment. Crawling on the ground he frantically tried to escape. Too bad that Drake as he is now was not going to let that happen. Without making a sound Drake already appeared in front of the rapist. With a calm expression he step on this bastards leg causing more bones to break. The rapists fear deepened even further while the girl blushed harder. It was really strange normally if she saw such a violent act it would scare but now it is different.

Instead of fear she felt a never felt before attraction to him. It was like rather than a brutal monster he is really a knight in shining armor. To make matters even weirder her body start to heat up the more ruthless he got. Before an originally arrogant rapist startered to beg for mercy. Unfortunately the current Drake had none to give him. Finally Drake stop with his torture and crushed his head like a grape. Done he turned his attention to the girl whose breathing became fairly heavy. Lust blazed in her eyes as he walked towards her.

”Alright that is enough of that my dear husband otherwise I will get jealous ”, said a beautiful voice.

From the shadows came a beautiful girl with long azure hair and eyes to match. She had a pair of cherry pink lips plus a firey figure that would ignite ones lust. Most importantly she had a set of elegant horns on her head. Seeing her Drake let put another roar.

”As I would expect from the man that will be husband such a powerful aura. Still to think that disgusting womans blood helped truly is baffling ”, she mumbled.

Before she could finish what she was saying Drake pounced toward her. Maintaining her smile the girl casually hold out one finger. Gently taping his head she sent him flying away. Angered by her actions he roared however suddenly fainting after leting it out. The girls then picked him up before leaving the victim behind.

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